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Hi: I fell wwhile hunting and resulted with a complete tear of the L Quad Tendon.  Mind blowing pain until I figured out that if someone else moves you leg for you, then the pain was tolerable.  My repair which was the drill holes in the patella and stitch technique took place 5 days later and I am post-op 3 days now.  My anesthesia provider gave me a femoral nerve block with an indwelling catheter, which provided a numb anterior thigh and knee for about 45 hours post-op.  I highly recommend this as it allowed me some much needed rest in those first 2 days.  The surgeon, who in his past was the ortho MD for the NE Patriots and Boston Bruins, told me he would stress the repair while still in the OR, to see how much flexion could be attained without repair separation from the bone would start to occur, and this 90 degrees, so my brace although locked straight, is set at 70 degrees.  On post-op day 2, I was to unlock and attempt flexion while standing only, and was able to get 15 degrees before profanity might result, so I am wondering if this sounds right,  Today I am going to try for 20 degrees.  I've been following this web page for a few days and find it valuable.  Thanks