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Cold knees?

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Does anyone else have this problem? If it's really cold out, I get cold knees while riding the lift, and if it's long it begins to hurt. Can't wear thicker pants as it would be too warm while skiing. I've been pulling the pants knee up to form an air pocket to provide some warmth as a makeshift solution, but want to find something more permanent.

I've found black diamond telekneesis knee pad for tele skiers and it has some good reviews for this purpose, but they really seems to be overkill. Tried two neck warmers but they don't stay in place since I use some slippery walmart underlayer (yeah yeah I'll get proper ones next season).
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I had the same issue and skied for years using a neoprene knee support. It was just enough to keep heat in my knees and eliminate the ache. This year I switched to an Opedix knee support tight, and my knees have been fine.

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For this season I would recommend using hockey tape so the gators stay in place. Just tape the top so it stays in place and also doesn't restrict movement. The perfect bum solution but it would probably work.

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Neck warmers?  Good idea but....


Get some neoprene sleeves.  Feel great and knees will be toasty.  Get a neoprene wrap for your lower back while you are at it :)

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I have been using neoprene knee sleeves for 25 years since my patrol days riding cold chairs in Montana. I wear them over my long underwear so I can easily remove them out my cuffs when I take my boots off for the drive home, or trip to the bar. I could go tighter for support, but mine are comfortable and just for warmth.  You can pick them up in any sports store and a lot of pharmacies for about $15.  They are also nice for kneeling in the snow or if you happen to bang a knee in a fall.

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Thanks, never seen neoprene knee sleeves, they sound decent, I'll go look for them.
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Nothing fancy, just a little warmth. You can also get the kind with a hole in the middle for the knee cap, which keeps it from moving but is not as warm.






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Been using the neoprene for about 15 years now & never notice them.

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What kind of pants are you using? I noticed cold knees and thighs when I got new unlined shell pants.  My previous pants were shells with mesh lining.  I think the mesh lining traps air when it's tight against your base layer when you're sitting on a chair, but hangs loosely and allows air to circulate when you're upright skiing.  So warm on the chair, cool skiing.  They used to make mesh underwear--in the cotton underwear days. The only mesh long johns I could find recently were on some site for Scandinavian kayakers. If you're using an unlined shell a mesh lined shell might help.  You can wear warmer pants or base layer and partly unzip the side zips on shell pants, pit zips on  your jacket, etc when you start down, but cold on the lift, hot skiing is unavoidable to some extent--basic physics.

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Just some old Columbia ski pants, it's pretty thin but about right for when it's above -10C or so, my other thicker pants is too warm during actual skiing.

I'll go with knee protector and see how they do, if they stay in place it should work just fine.
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Black Diamond knee pads for Tele...I wear mine all the time when skiing. Really handy when I was patrolling too - you spend a lot of time kneeling. I never got cold.
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Yeah that's what I decided go with. Apparently the local pharmacy think the knee sleeves falls under its-drug-so-we-will-hyper-inflate-it category, and wants $20 to $40, each... BD is $30 for a pair.
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