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K2 Axis Mod X and Mach in Eastern Powder

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We've had about 2.5 feet of snow here in the east this week so we headed up to Jiminy Peak in Ma. for the day. On the way up we hit another snow storm which dumped another 6 inches of snow on the mountain. They didn't groom, so we had some nice powder, loose powder and soft moguls. Much to my surpise, there was a K2 truck at the bottom of the hill offering free demos! Initially, they were out of the mod x so I took some runs on my 195cm dynastar vertical assualts. After four runs, I stopped back at the truck and they had a pair of axis mod x in 181.

This was my first run on shaped skis so I took a blue. Half way down, I started getting the hang of the ski and it really responded well to increased edging. However, it wasn't as fast in short radius turns as my dynastars. (or I couldn't figure out how to move them through the turn faster).

Next up was a single diamond run and the ski really showed well. Extremely stable, much, much easier to ski than my dynastars on this stuff. My last run was a double diamond (really an intermediate by other mountain's standards but the ungroomed powder made it "interesting") where I got a nice rhythm going and skied top to bottom. It was basically like skiing a groomer.

I reluctantly returned the mod x and received a ski called the mach. I only had time for two runs on this one. It was much less stable in the powder in long radius turns. However, when I moved to short-radius turns these things were very, very quick. Almost no effort was required to turn the skis.

Well, on the basis of this demo, the mod x is tempting but I'd like to ski it on eastern hardpack before I buy. The mach might be more appropriate here in the East as we rarely see conditions like today.

Kudos to K2 for providing the opportunity to try the skis for free!

jeff<FONT size="1">

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You might want to try the Mod X Pro (or whatever next year's version is called). It's a stiffer ski, so might suit you on hardpack better if you're worried that it's too good on powder to be OK on ice.

Also, I don't know what your experience with shaped skis is, but sometimes shorter ones will make short turns more easily.


~Michelle H.
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frugal, we've met on other threads, as you may recall. My quiver of two includes the shorty slalom Rossi T-Power Cobra X in a 160 cm and the K2 Mod 7/8 in a 174 cm. The Rossi kicks ass on the packed snow, and the K2 kicks ass on everything else. I also have wondered if there is a "be all and end all" single model that will "do it all". If you'd like to discuss this subject more directly, by phone or e-mail, my e-mail is bgreene@law66.com.

P.S. edit: I see you went for the Volants. Great! I haven't tried that ski, but I'd like to. I'd still like to discuss this subject with you more directly, if you'd like to use the info I have provided above.<FONT size="1">

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Hi Oboe,

my email address is max@bestweb.net It's not clear to me what you'd like to discuss, but you're welcome to send email.

I'm kicking myself a little bit tonight as a pair of new mod x sold on ebay for about the same price as the volants ($315). However, the size was a little big for me and I had my doubts on ice/hardpack.

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frugal, if you stole the Volants for $315 in the correct size, then do NOT fret about the K2's in a size too long. Yuh dun good! I'll be seeing you on e-mail.
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On closing day at Stowe I tried out the K2 Mach S (174cm) and I had a great time, even in the thick, slushy spots. I was aiming to try for Dynastar STc's or Salomon 3Vs, Atomic 9.16, but none were available...I was looking for something nimble with lots of "pop", and while it didn't have the pop of some of the other skis I tried, it was extremely fast in the fall-line and a lot of fun to noodle around with. Did lots of jumps I normally wouldn't do, found tree slots I wouldn't have dared with a less nimble ski in those conditions.

It also had pretty stable long, fast carves. I felt more comfortable on them in those turns than on Salomon's 2V race skis, which I demoed the previous day. I'm used to my X-Scream Series (195cm), so it's not the same level of comfort, but it was plowing through crests of wet slush, for heaven's sake!
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