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Advice for powder skis

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Me: 29yrs, 175lbs, 5'11", I like to go fast, love the trees and bumps, aggressive skiier. I work out 5+ days/week and can go non stop, but recently started experiencing pain in my left knee. Dr. diagnosed as mild MCL injury (from hockey which I have recently given up) best cured by PT, special exercises and rest. So that's what I've been doing to prepare for the ski season.


I've only skied out west only 5 days. My skis are 2011 Rossi Avenger carbon 177cm, 128/82/112 which I just bought last year before my first trip to CO. Although the snow was light last year in general, we got lucky with 10-12" the day we arrived so I got my first taste of fresh powder. The new Rossi's handled the powder, crud and bumps decently. I had a bit of a problem keeping the tips up when it got a little deeper, unless I sat in the "back seat." For the most part I found them OK for the majority of our runs, which were hard and fast. I know I'm by all means not a great or experienced skier and have a lot ahead of me which will improve my abilities, but I would like to purchase a ski geared more towards powder and the back side...something that will go through more powder. But at the same time I don't want something so big and heavy that is going to put even more added strain on my knee. So I guess I am looking for something a little lighter, easy to turn and doesn't require 60mph at all times to be decent.


The two I have been looking at are:


Blizzard Gunsmoke (186cm or 179cm, 140-114-130 mm) - lightweight, flexible, more finesse than charging, easier on the knee I would guess


Blizzard Titan Argos (187cm or 180cm, 135-105-121) - heavier, faster, plow through everything


They both seem decent, for a decent price.


Rossi S7's sound like a decent fit, but are more expensive.


TIA for your input!



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Also recently started considering the Bluehouse Maestro's...

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I'd go with the Gunsmokes before the Argos for a powder ski.   The Argos are more of a daily driver.



How much will you get to ski?  You might be better off just demoing when you get a powder day?

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Originally Posted by BoFoSho View Post

Also recently started considering the Bluehouse Maestro's...


If you're on a budget, these are your ticket.  You can find my review of the Maestros from 2 years ago here.   I have not even looked at another set of powder boards since I bought them.  

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After another 2 weeks of research (living in the midwest, I have plenty of time), I changed my considerations to the following. I think what I am in search of is a ski that is comfortable in at least 6" of powder, does well in the trees, is playful but not too wobbly at decent speed (I like to go fast occasionally, but I wouldn't consider myself a bomber), can be skied on groomers if necessary and crud on those variable days without feeling like the tail is going to slide out. Am I asking for a lot? LOL  Since I only get to ski out west 5-10 days per year, I think a demo day would be a good idea before I commit. I may end up going that route, but in the meantime I am still trying to get an idea for which skis I should try to demo. Here are the current 4 I am considering.
Atomic Access 181 - 130 / 100 / 122 - good ski for someone who is just starting to venture away from groomers to a little bit more powder. 20% / 70% / 10% (rocker / camber / rocker). Light, thin and flexible. Concern: Too light and chattery
4frnt Cody 186 - 129 / 102 / 124 - moderate tip rocker (but probably not considered early rise), camber under foot, very slight tail rocker (not sure of the exact percentages, so unable to compare directly to atomic access' numbers). Concern: not enough tip rocker for powder days.
Solamon Shogun 182 - 130 / 101 / 120 - Seems like a good all around ski for what I am looking for, seems to be stiffer than the Access and Cody, so may be too demanding for an Intermediate - Advanced skier. On the other hand, it may make me a better skier. More expensive than the other 3 options for my cost.
Surface Live Life 181 - 146 / 110 / 130 - Just found this today on ProMotive and did some reading about it. Would be great in the powder and trees, but probably not so great in the bumps and hard pack. Definitely at the top range of sizes I am considering. In combination with my Rossi Avenger 82, would probably make a good 2 ski quiver.
Ramp Groundhog 179 - 131 / 100 / 119 - Found this on ProMotive yesterday, seems like a decent mid-fat, but there isn't a whole lot of information on it. Found some reviews on other forums which seemed suspicious that everyone who gave it rave reviews were brand new members with 1 post. If anyone knows about this ski or the Ramp company in general, I would be interested in hearing more. They are located in SLC and make their skis in the US, which I like. I am guessing most people haven't heard of them or know little about them. Here's a link the groundhog ski
At this point I feel like I may be obsessing about getting the right skis and perhaps I need to demo demo demo. I cannot argue with that. With the discount I get on ProMotive, I can get the Cody, Life Life and Groundhog for around $350. That deal is hard to pass up.
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