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Volkl Kendo bindings mount position

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I demoed the Kendo a couple of weeks ago and notice how easy it was to stay centered on them, but don't know how they were mounted.  I have AC30 now and I always felt pushed back and could never get the falling leaf exercise correct on them.

I've been researching it since then and found some stuff about the bof, and a lot of threads on the Mantra binding positions and every one is recommending to mount rearward for powder float. Something that I don't care much about. Any one has experience with the Kendo?

What would be pro/cons for mounting them +2 vs +1.

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I'm not sure if you are referring to the 2012 or the 2013 Kendo.


Regardless, I skied both with demo plates.  They both skied best on the traditional boot/binding center line.  I played around with different positions with Salomon Z12 demo bindings in +1 and -1 positions.  Centered worked best.  Forward made it quicker.  Back wasn't as responsive.


If you decide to buy a set of Kendos, just do a traditional mount.



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I've demoed the 2013 but bought the 2012. 2012 doesn't have the tip rocker, but based on some reviews the tip rocker didn't register with testers. So I bought it with the hope that they won't ski very differently. I've left them for the shop to have the marker squire bindings mounted and asked them to  mount it +2, but then started to have second thoughts. I liked what I experienced with the demos, easy to switch and come back. I don't ride the park or anything, but like to play a little. I noticed when I demoed them that the binding was closer to the center than my AC30 and that's what got me thinking. I'm just starting to worry that the +2 might ruin the ski experience on the fast groomers, so I was trying to understand the disadvantage of mounting them forward.

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I have last years Kendo's (non-rockered) in a 184 and have them mounted on the center line and find that to be perfect. Ith this mounting I find these skis to be light and quick as well as great on grooomers at high speed so don't see any need to mount them forward or back at all. This is not a twin tip so not geared to being ridden switch anyway so wouldn't worry about that part of it. Center mount em you'll be happy.

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Great, thanks guys. I called the tech and asked him to center mount them.

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