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Timberline (WV) 1/6

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The real goods were to be had last weekend in the Mid Atlantic, but I was out with the flu. Bad timing on my part. Still, this past weekend was not too bad for week-old leftovers (pretty much natural snow only on most trails.) Decent snow depth right now in the less trafficked areas; hopefully we can keep it during the upcoming warm-up. If the current base holds, 8 more inches and it will be ski pretty much anywhere at a decent pace.


Timberline looks like winter:



Low angle tree section below Glade Runner, viewed from the lift:



Glade Runner, one of the two glades on the trail map, and one of the more widely-spaced for trees. Decent cover:



"Headwall" (~30 degrees) of Off The Wall, starting to show some wear and tear. Pretty much all natural snow, but very few rocks in there.



Looking up at a well-trafficked entrance to CB. Very nice packed powder:



Looking up another section:



Looking up Old Dominion:



Typical slot that you have to navigate at crux points in the woods. As in all pictures, it's steeper than it looks:


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Nice TR and good conditions. I wish I could have sampled the goods but when it's on the table here, well gotta eat local. maybe I can get there in the next few days.

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TL is on my radar. Thanks for sharing and I hope they get some snow.
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Looks like T-line was pretty good for this early in the season John.  Hopefully the nights stay cold so we can hold our base this week when the days warm up.


Hope to catch up to you sometime soon.



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Looks pretty nice!
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Over New Years there was possibly the best Ive ever seen it. They got 16 inches of unusually dry stuff early-mid week and another 6 while we were driving there. It continued to drop about 2 inches per day of frosting on the cake the entire time we were there.

Off the wall was ankle deep the majority of the way down on the 30th, I made up probably 15 of the first twenty runs down it once it was open:D

Trees were awesome, groomers were awesome, and the meadows and glades above Whitegrass were awesome.

Oh, and 17 dollar college student lift tickets!
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Yeh, tried to ski with the flu way back when, it is amazing how it zaps your strength. I'll never do that again.

The east has really been tattooed lately, Sugarbush had Snowbird like snows the second half of the month and was the first eastern resort to get all the mountains up and running.

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