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Shops at Beaver Creek/Vail??

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I have some friends headed to CO and would like to know of a couple of good bootfitting / ski tuning / demo shops in both Vail and Beaver Creek.



Thank you!

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Try putting something like "bootfitter vail : epicski" into Google.  That's a better way to search for relevant EpicSki threads.

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Greg Hoffman runs SBF, Ski Boot Fitting Inc. located inside of Vailsports at the eastern end of Lionshead. SBF also has a smaller shop called the Skier Enhancement Center located on one of the peaks where chairs 4, 5, and 11 offload, where many folks go for on-hill adjustments. Don't believe that you need an appointment for these tweaks. There's a link to the SBF website in the bootfitter forums. Greg is considered a top level fitter and many here speak very highly of his work. For a full service fitting, it might be prudent to make an appointment.


Have heard mixed reviews of Boot Lab, also in Lionshead. Had my soles planed there and was entirely satisfied.


For the past several seasons I've used the services of Vail Ski Tech for tunes if I'm too lazy to do my own work. They do a better job than I do. They too are in Lionshead, just across the plaza from Bart and Yeti's. I think that they offer demos, but don't quote me on that. If there are any specific skis that your buddy is interested in, he might do well to check out the maker's websites and see if he can find a shop that carries those products.

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For demos, I'd recommend Gravity Jones in Vail Village at the bus stop at the covered brigdge.


For bootfitting, all i can say is I was at Beaver Creek Sports getting some help with a boot problem and 2 guys that looked like(ie wearing the appropriate sponsor logo'd gear and US ski team logo) and were talking like they were coaches were getting fitted with new boots there.

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Can't go wrong with Greg Hoffman stated above by Bazzer. Considerd one of the best in the country!



If your day starts at the Vista Bahn Gondola Ski Haus has a big selection of demos. Also Tommy Tunes is right down stairs to tune your skis. Very good tunes IMHO. Ski Haus 30 yards from the lift.

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Thank you everyone for your help!!   It is greatly appreciated!!



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