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Is there a boot for me?

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Up until 2 years ago I always rented ski boots.  I hated all of them.  2 years ago I bought my first ski boots: Dalbello Axion 9 Ski Boot.  These boots besides a single problem here and there, are super comfortable.  I never thought this is possible.


Unfortunately for me,  comfort is not the only function when it comes to ski boots.  That's why I started reading here and there learning few things about ski boots.  First thing I learned is I'm not going to buy any boots online, but I'm going to find the best possible boot fitting service and torture them until I get what I'm after, if what I'm after exists. 


Here is the requirement:


I ski:

1.  Backcountry/Sidecountry

2.  Fast groomers with some narrow skis (East Cost)

3.  Bumps

4.  Trees

5.  Big Mountain and whatever comes with it

6.  I do climb when I'm on the West Cost  (I could give up this requirement)


My feet:

1.  I have wider feet.  My current boot is 103.  Most shoes I know go up to 100.  I would have to try them and see if 100 is OK.

2.  High soles. 

3.  Size: 9 (US)(plus/minus)


What I want:

1.  Upright Stance, as quad fatigue is my biggest problem now.

2.  Climbing agility without skiing compromises.

3.  Lightweight

4.  Helpful with landings

5.  Stiffer than my current boots now

6.  Comfortable and warm.


Does anything that fits my tall order exists? Is Lange XT 130 the answer? 


One more question that bothers me:  What are the drawbacks of a climbing boot?  Is it the weight? Is the boot worth it? The climbing I do is side country in ski resorts only. 

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keep in mind that the width of a boot is based on a size 26.   if you count 100 as average boot width (again, in size 26) then your 103mm, in size 27, is still about average.


nordica hell and back,

technica cochise.



you are really best to hunt for a boot fitter, rather then a boot.

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I found a boot fitter, but I want to know up front what can be and what can not be done.  The question that I do not know the answer for is weather there is a universal boot for sidecountry/downhill, or I can forget about it. 

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sounds like the lange XT130,  nordica hell and back, or technica cochise (either 98mm, or 100mm) might work for you.


best to see what fits, but yes.   all of the above boots will meet most of your demands.

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After more reading and checking with a boot fitter I may actually end with Fischer Ranger 11 Ski Boots 2013 (101 last).  My foot is wide, so I'm afraid Lange will be too tight out of the box.  I tried the Fischer boot and it felt great out of the box (very important to me). 


The seller told me Technica Cochise is great, but he did not have it.  He also skied Nordica hell and back and he did not like it (it has great reviews so it all depends).    I really like Fischer Ranger 11, because it was great for me and it matches my entire outfit. 


Thanks guys.

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Glad you found a boot to match your outfitwink.gif  That's importantcool.gif


If only you had described your outfit to us we could have been more helpful?!

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Sorry, I didn't want to show off, or come across as a spoiled child.  It's the outfit that you see on the home page of zerorh.com.  I was in Canada, and after what I saw there I had to change my outfit.  Canada was a nice eye opener on a lot of issues in the country.


Btw, I was ready for boots that would not match it, but be comfortable, but I think I found that sweet spot in both.s

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