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Ht.: 5'-7"
Wt.: 185
Level 7-8?
Length: 170

I am now joining the short ski bandwagon. I was looking for a slalom ski to use in our 50 - 60 gate club races, but wanted one that would also allow me to have fun the rest of the day without changing skis. Could not find any short slaloms to demo so bit the bullet. Ordered the Head Worldcup Slalom Ti in January and ending up getting next year's model which has minor changes from the 2000/01 model. Mounted them with Salomon 912 Poweraxe Energy (Pe) bindings. Wanted to ski these a few weeks ago, but about 4 feet of fresh changed my mind. However, skied these last Friday (Alpine Meadows) and Saturday (Mt. Rose) in Tahoe while "Da Bears" were elsewhere. They were GREAT. What surprised me most, was how much fun they were in the soft snow. As expected they were great on the groomed - quick with nice turn initiation. I was concerned about the 170 cm length (other skis are 190 cm Atomic B-Ride 10.20) and 186 cm Dynastar SF. I never felt they were too short - I just found them to very maneuverable in the bumps. Took them in about 12 inches of untracked and they were acceptable. On Saturday with about 6 in. of fresh snow they were fun. Skied with some friends who were on Rossi T-Power Deviators and they had problems with the Rossis diving and the tips catching causing a face plant.

Although the race course was severely rutted due to fresh snow, I felt in control. In fact I enjoyed the turns so much I hung on to them too long. The Heads were also great at medium radius turns. A little hip angulation and the ski just trenched and came out of the turn quickly and strongly. They were also forgiving as long as you don't get too far back on the skis, but never had them really kick my a##.

I though I would never say this, but these skis make me want to ski short radius turns - both down the fall line and through the bumps. A really fun and surprisingly easy ski. I'll keep my Atomics for high speed cruising and crud, but the SF's may be gathering some dust.

Submitted for your approval...