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K2 Hardside

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I am a 5'9 145lb expert skier.  I ski primarily out west.  I love the steeps, trees and the bumps (in that order), but probably spend 30% of my time on groomers with my family.  I am looking for a single quiver all mountain.  Anyone see any reason why I won't be happy with them?  If so what else should I be considering?

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I demoed a pair of hardsides last year at Alta and was not a fan. I found them to be on the heavy side and not as responsive as I had hoped/expected. I don't think you would like them in the trees.

I'm sure you will get plenty of good recommendations from the experts on this site, but one you may consider is the Kastle MX88. Killer all mountain ski that could meet all of your requirements, especially at your height and weight.
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I found the Hardside to have more hard snow bias for a ski in the 98 mm category. If is that what you want, it is a fine ski.

If you want something with more versatility towards trees and bumps, check out the Rossignol S3 or a Salomon Shogun.

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I loved the K2 Hardside when I demo'd it on really hard pack and crud snow at Squaw last weekend. Were there significant differences between the 2012 and the 2013 K2 Hardsides, or is the difference only cosmetic? I'd love to save some cash by buying the 2012 but it was the 2013 I demo'd and I just don't know if it skis differently from the 2012 model.





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The difference is just graphic.
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