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Hitting a jump- how do I keep my arms down?

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Okay so this is going to sound really stupid, but I've been skiing for 8 years now and I have never really gotten the hang of jumping correctly!frown.gif

Every time I hit a jump, I somehow manage to let my arms fly up straight in the air behind me right before I land! I'm not really sure how they get there, but it really throws me off, obviously!!!

Does anybody have any tips on how I can keep my arms from flying back? Im keep my arms in front of me before I take off and in midair, it's just right before I land they kinda fly away haha >.<


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How you are positioned mid air and at landing is 90-100% related to how you are positioned when popping off the lip of the jump.  Hands forward, shoulders over knees, nose over toes, shins pressing the tongues of the boots forward should all be happening as you leave the ground.  It's way too easy to end up back seat when hitting a jump from a defensive or lax posture.  It's almost impossible to be too far forward landing a jump from being too aggressive and forward at take off... that is unless you're over rotating a front or under rotating a back invert.  Remember, you're landing on a slope, not flat and level ground so you always want to be a bit farther forward than your internal gyroscope would think.


One way to recover if you do take off and feel a bit back is to pull your feet up and back like a gelende or small back scratcher with hands neutral.  That will get you more aft than simply trying to flap your arms forward in the air.

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I am a non-gifted person in the air.  Been skiing for a long time, sucked at airs back when 'threes' were called helicopters.  Lately, I have had a lot more success by experimenting on transition jumps in the terrain parks.  Crg speaks the truth with how you are set up at the point of departure, particularly with punching your hands in the direction of travel, and preferably toward where you want to land.


I have also found that for a klutz like me, I have a little mantra (no, not a stubby version of the Volkl) that keeps me focused while I am in the air.  While keeping my hands forward and slightly down, I extend my legs at the takeoff (I want air, may as well use my legs to give me more of it), retract my legs right after that (keep all my parts compact and stable), look with my eyes for a landing spot, and extend my legs again to absorb the touchdown (which, on a carefully prepared transition jump, is the softest landing there is...).


Extend/Retract/Look/Extend... it all happens quickly at first, but after a while, it seems like an eternity and you start thinking what else you can do (like a three) while you are hanging out above terra firma.  That is oversimplified, since something like a three takes intent before you take off, but you'll see what I mean when you have a go at it.


Good luck, weightlessness is just as fun as The Perfect Turn. icon14.gif

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^^^Yep, and a solid and confident POP off the lip is very important to set the tone of the flight.  If you don't the kicker will kick you back instead of you popping up to the position you should be in while under control.  Either you POP it or it will pop you!

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Thank you both so much I really appreciate it!!biggrin.gif

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When I find I am getting too far back in the air, I focus on landing tips first and double pole plant on the landing of my next air.


4 point your landings.  



And yes, you are off balance from the start.

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I try to take airs like a DH racer, throw your hands forward and down by your boots and stay tight. I don't do tricks though, that's more a technique for cornices and cliffs. 

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Good tips already, but as with almost anything, it's just practice and focus. Start hitting smaller jumps in the park, hit them until you are feeling balanced and comfy, then go bigger, repeat until you're too scared to continue!

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I've been skiing park for about 4 years now and hitting jumps can be the funnest part if you learn to do it well. I would try to leaning your shins up against the front of your boots slightly as well as bending your knees. As the lip comes up, try to pop off with you legs like you are jumping into a pool feet first. Also, have your hands slightly in front of you like the "ready position" in almost any sport, this will help you transition to landing cleaner and keeping your balance in the air which is the main reason your arms naturally come up.


Keep hitting jumps even if you lift your arms over and over again, the more jumps you hit, the more comfortable you'll be in the air which will result in a more stylish and natural airtime.

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Thanks again everyone, I've gotten sooo much better your tips have helped me a lot!!!

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Good deal HG!  Hitting the jump owning it like a BOSS on take off is the way to also own the air and landing.... like a boss hahaha.. 

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I am a Fairly Average skiier . I paid for a couple lessons on jumps . Which helped ,The instructor said    "pre Jump" I sorta got it , BUT AFTER  , I was working with a former instructor [off] the hill , and got to talking to him , He realises from years of instruction that different words mean different things to different people .so he  Said "    Just start to stand up before you hit the jump " and" Look to the place you are jumpig too " He said "  You will jump to the spot you look to "   So I tried it , I found that I was looking at the jump as the only part , And trying to JUMP off it , When I just stood up . I was no longer trying and it happened , When I looked to where i would jump , What he said  happened ,   He said "  Just like when you jump with out skis "   You will try to get to the spot you look to " So it will happen more natural .'  He said "  People get caught up in  trying to make  a ski jump a special thing " " just try it balanced like you aren't thinking about skiing "  it helped me , Because i go over the jump thinking about the skis the hill the snow BLA BLA BAL , When I go Over a 3 foot ramp and get a few feet of air this worlks . " However ,, He said if you are going to try some warren miller type stuff , You need training and powder "

  SoTake it for what it's worth and try just looking to where you will jump and stand up a little before hitting the top of the jump . He said . If your legs are bent you absorb the jump , if they are straighter " The jump will launch you "I can comfortaby clear about 5  to 6  feet horizontal and a few feet up . Good enough !

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