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1st Time Heading to Utah - 7 days in PC

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Looking for some advise on best resort to get a cheap group lesson for powder and advanced terrain around SLC. Long time skier out east but never had a trip to Utah come together until now (hope I didn't jinx it again this year, but everything is booked smile.gif )!

I would classify myself as easy Level 6 but I error on side of being modest. HOWEVER, I never had the joy of skiing powder. I am a lesson junkie - I respond well to coaching with very quick learning curve so looking for a couple hour intro to get me started. Ill be skiing with very experienced Utah skiers (who are happy to coach of course) but I prefer at least a formal lesson to start out.

Anyhow, I will be staying in Park City all week but driving to Alta/Snowbird early in the week. I have some flexibility as to where to go, in regards to any resorts you may recommend.

I am looking for a 1 time powder technique clinic or something similar of sorts...basically a couple hours of tips and set me off on my own. Does something like this even exist, short of a private lesson? I saw one resort near PC had walk up 2hour lessons for $50 but not sure if those are geared to true beginners - cant remember which resort offered it. Is this a common request?
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Alta has lessons billed as powder clinics. Not sure if price. But given that it's Alta, I would assume they would be good. You don't say when you're going, but hopefully there's some powder to ski on. 

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A "cheap" lesson in Park CIty is going to be difficult.  You may have to take a private lesson or find an appropriate group lesson during/soon after a powder day.     I think Alta still has the afternoon "Off Trail Workshop" for only $65, which is a real bargain.     Others here know a lot more about what else is available in the Cottonwoods.  If you have the time and money, there are special camps that last 3-5 days promoted by many of the resorts. Examples include the Deer Valley Mahre clinics and the Canyons "Fantasy Camp" headed by Phil McNicol and a bunch of world-class athletes.  But a cheap lesson?  Perhaps others have better ideas.

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Thanks for the advise - the off trail workshop sounds like what I had in mind but I will see if still available. If not, I will see if there is a guide service of some sort to show around and give some tips on technique - I think Canyons has that. I am going to Utah end of February so hoping for snow!

In the meantime, headed to Winter Park this coming weekend smile.gif
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The afternoon Alta Adult Workshop is a good deal, 2.5 hours for $65.  More of a group guide than a lesson.  Do get a few quick tips.  There is a quick run to split into smaller groups by ability.  The skiing is off-piste but the lowest level group mainly does stuff that is right near groomers.  Great way to learn where short little stashes can be found.

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The first step in a powder lesson is finding powder. If you want a cheap lesson, beaver mt. offers a 2 hour private for under $100. They often get different storms than the cottonwoods, so if can be dry in LCC and snowy at beaver - or the opposite. Its a bit of a drive from SLC though, but it may be worth it if they are getting the snow you want. 

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Ditto. Alta $65 Off trail workshop. Every afternoon. If it's a weekday, you may get only a couple people. It's a real treat in that its not only an expert/ advanced level lesson it's a guided tour of the best, lesser known powder stashes and lines at the resort. Worth it for that alone.
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We found a certified instructor who was local. He was less expensive and worked with my family the entire day.  Great option, and much less than the resorts charge.

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You might want to delete that before the PSIA guys get their panties in a knot.   

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+1 on the different storms in the area.


With so many mountains less than an hour drive away, Park City is a good place to base yourself while chasing powder. Some of the areas require a four wheel drive vehicle to access during a good storm (like BCC and LCC). Check out - parkcity4x4.com

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