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K2- X-14

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In the fall I asked for info on this ski as I could get cheap up here in calgary so even though not new I thought why not follow up.
me - 205 lbs 6ft advanced inter. getting back into skiing after 20 years of just getting in 5 or less on average days a year.
Currently skiing El Caminos 198cm

I bought a pair of 183 (edit), yes a little short but wanted something different from my 198s. Its a lot of fun in soft snow and powder. Quick and light in the trees. Got tossed around a little in crud if i really know the real definition. As had quite a bit more sahpe than my long conservative sidecut Caminos reallly felt unstable on the hard pack at the bottom of runs if I just let them run with little or no edge. Was fun to carve with on soft snow once I got that figured out. Real pack was not that pleasant and ice was not at all fun compared to Caminos.

All in all worked out well for the price i paid as will probably get two seasons out of them using them half time on powder days. By then they'll have no original base left as been out 2 days and so far two nice core shots and numberous other wounds.

If had bought for only ski would not of been good choice even in 193 as wouldn't hold up to fast days on icey hard pack. Fun for a second stick while I get used to western skiing its working out ok.<FONT size="1">

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Those skis are a bit too short for you. In my humble opinion, Those skis would be a ton more stable in a 193. I may be wrong but i don't think the X-14's are all that much more shapely than your el caminos, they are just wider in all dimensions.
My girlfriend is very happy with her 170's, also a (sport mart buy) which means I am happy also.
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Would second JoCanadian's about the length. I think I recall your post from the fall. I tried those skis at Mammoth and really liked 'em, too.

edit: i could be wrong but i thought i demo'd the ski in a 178. is it true the jump up is to 181? i would think the next step up from a 178 would be something more like a 185 or so. Hmmmm. <FONT size="1">

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Yes I know it was a 30 second change of heart as I had bought a pair of 188s but when I came in with bindings changed mind to 183. I guess they feel as they have more shape with the shorter length. Thougth i'd go shorter after seeing my brother in law buy his X Screams in I think 178? and he's only 10 lbs lighter than me.

Now I've got to figure out if a want to put away another pair of El Caminos for $100 as replacements for the current pair.

Glad that girlfreind likes ski as yes was great deal. Just wish I'd bought for wife before she bought herself a pair of Powerkarves. But she loves them.
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You are correct on a pair of 183s with next up size 188.
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