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Armada TST/ Nordica El Paco

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So I'm a 6'3 171lb guy, I tend to fit into the 7 or 8/10 profiles in the 'skiing levels', and I'm looking to buy my first set of serious all mountain skis. I ski mostly in the Alps and Jura mountains, and am up for roughly 2-3 weeks of solid skiing a year, which is why I want a 'one fits all' ski. I spend the majority of my time on the slopes, although when fresh snow is abounding I rush into it to mess around. I enjoy jumping off things and just generally playing around when skiing, as it's all about having fun..... right? The two sets of skis I've been weighing up are the Armada TSTs and the Nordica El Pacos. I understand the Nordicas are more park skis, especially at a 87mm width, but was wondering if you'd still consider them viable for off pisting/ fresh snow. On the other hand the Armadas are more expensive, and also wider at 102mm, but are still viewed as 'playful'. I'm pretty cut up on which ones to pick, as they both come highly recommended. For reference this season I tried the old '10 mantras and didn't really get a feel for them, as they were really stiff and unresponsive. Whereas I tried some rip n' wuds, and really enjoyed them in pretty much all conditions. I would buy them buy unfortunately shelling out £1300 on skis is a little steep. Any advice/ opinions would be greatly appreciated

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What did you end up going with im pretty much in the same conundrum 

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With all these good deals this year, I couldn't control myself. For my Daily Drivers (yes, two, for a choice depending on my mood) for Jackson/Alta-Snowbird/Squaw (depending on where I move, easy decision as all are similar Big Mountain Resorts with tons of snow) I picked up a pair of 192 TSTs and 188 Moment PB&Js. I bought the TSTs as a directional, playful ski that can still charge a bit. I got The PB&J for a more "smeary" swiss army knife ski that can still charge, yet I could ski switch and for laps in the park when I feel the need. I dont think there is too much overlap, but seeing how both are playful/chargers in between the All/Big Mountain ski range, one could disagree on overlap potential. The StartHaus review of the TST really helped me out, and it's trustworthy as the guys there are very knowledgeable. After searching around for a few nights, I purchased the TST because of what I read StartHaus say about it. Here is what they said about the TST.

"Strengths: Playful and fully capable in the powder, thanks to big rockered and tapered tips that don’t dive or hook in 3-dimensional snow. Camber underfoot keeps these skis capable on the hardpack, moderate flex for an easy-going feel.

Weaknesses: Softer flex than some in this group gives up a little edge grip on hard snow, big rockered tips make for a shorter running length, so size up.

Who it’s for: The Armada TST is a playful powder oriented big mountain ski that’s best for someone who likes to surf, smear and pop off terrain features rather than straight-lining down the fall line or laying down trenches on the groomers."

You dont have to spend so much for skis, I got both the TST and PB&J brand new for about 400$ each. Justifying the purchase of both.
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