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Which kid's Ski School, Park City?

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We'll be in Park City for a week very soon. Between Canyons, Park City MR, and Deer Valley which one would be the most ideal place for our 5 year old son to learn and enjoy his time in class? Also, why would the resort be the best choice? We had a bad experience at a ski school we put him in in CO one time. We've been nervous about the right ski school ever since then.

He has progressed great but my wife and I have realized we've reached or ski instruction limit with our 5 year old boy. We are not instructors and we want the best for him. He is athletic and loves the snow and skiing so we want to make sure he enjoys his time on skis at this age so he'll be more likely to stick with it.
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You are in luck because all three ski schools are great for kids.  The schools are in "safe" ski areas (all the chairlifts have safety bars), they utilize teachers who specialize in teaching kids. they limit class sizes (Canyons maxes out at 3 kids per instructor at that age, so an instuctor is with them on the lifts),  they offer enough hot cocoa during warm-up breaks on cold days,specific learning areas, etc.  For us the best choice was Canyons because we own at the Grand Summit making it incredibly convenient to drop the kids off down the stairs when they took lessons.  Also, the number of detachable quads (or larger) chairs made it really easy for the kids.  The best choice for you is the resort closest to your lodging, since you will have a good experience with any of the three Park City resorts.


As you know, many ski schools give the kids "report cards" after each lesson emphasizing what the kids improved, what skills they became competent in, what they need to accomplish to get to the next level, what trails they skied, etc.  My wife keeps several years of  the Canyons report cards somewhere as a reminder of how fast the kids learned.  It was around age seven for each kid when an instructor said, "He can now ski any black diamond on the mountain."  It was around the same age when the kids said, "We want to ski with Daddy today."  I hope you have the same good experience.

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Love what quant said. Our kids did very well at DV. They have a large, roped off kids only area with two lifts right beside the Snowpark Lodge- a whole wing of the lodge is devoted to kids ski school. When they progress beyond that, they cruise the whole mountain. We liked DV because it's great for really tiny kids, they even have a nursery for babies.... And they had special programs for local kids. The costs are about the same, last I looked ( and that was a while ago). Not much in the way of terrain parks at DV, or snowboarders. PCMR has loads of both....
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