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Custom footbeds and sore calves

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This is probably a stupid question, but here goes: I skied Friday, purchased custom footbeds that afternoon, and skied with them Saturday. They are awesome, no complaints.

However, yesterday (Sunday) and even today my calves are unusually sore. (The very top of them, almost the back of my knee.) Could it be that the different positioning of my foot in my boot is causing different muscles to be used?

I am mainly just curious, because it doesn't really matter one way or the other. But it's kind of late in the season to be this sore. My other options are that I actually pulled something at one point, or maybe it had to do with some hiking we did in the Outback at Keystone. Anyway, has anyone ever felt more sore initially upon using new footbeds? (My feet and ankles sure feel better, though.)
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oops, I just realized I posted this on the wrong board. Sorry. Maybe I could rephrase it as a review of Surefoot.... They were quick, helpful, and friendly at River Run in Keystone.
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Yes, soreness in new places is normal. Your body is learning to use different muscles to keep your balance. You are not expending as much energy into flattening out your feet so since there is not as much movement in your feet, you are probably using the smaller muscles of your ankles and calves instead of your quads and upper body to compensate for balance. As you ski on your new footbeds, you will find that everything takes less effort and you will learn to relax a little more. Congrats on making the move.
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Thanks for the response, dchan. I had a heck of a time on my first run or two with the footbeds, but then everything smoothed out. It is so nice not to have that split-second lag time while my heels lift up in my boot! It makes skiing trees much less hair-raising.

Another question: how does one know if one's boots are too soft? How much forward flex should one feel when skiing? I know boots are stiffer laterally these days and softer forward and back, but sometimes I feel like I'm pushing too far forward.
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What Gonzo said.
check the thread on knee bend timing. http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000213.html <FONT size="1">

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If I shouldn't have "too soft" issues unless I'm using bad technique, then why do they make boots in different stiffnesses?

I don't think I'm getting my body too far forward UNTIL the boot flexes forward too far. My body is following the boot, not the other way around. My knee is forward already because of the boot lean. What I am wondering about is the feeling that my knee starts actually going down toward my binding -- if my lower leg is the radius of a circle where my ankle is the center of the circle, and my knee is following the path of the circle. Sort of.

Thanks for the thread link, but that is too much to think about. I read it, but honestly, I'm not one to overanalyze my athletic endeavors. It screws me up. Anyway, Bob Barnes seemed to say that you aren't really supposed to flex the boot so much. That's why performance boots are stiff, right?
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I realize that there is no way for anyone here to know exactly how I ski and exactly what I am doing to my boot, but is it possible to explain what body movements are proper and improper? Is it okay to drive my knees down (not forward) toward my ski?

I am not a true intermediate; I'm definitely past that. I'm no freeride expert, either. I am an aggressive, advanced skier with technique that, though I'm sure isn't perfect, is not heavily flawed.

I came out of a Tecnica racing boot and into a Salomon Evolution 8.0, and they are very different. I like the Salomon because it isn't too big and packed out, like my other ones were, but perhaps the technique that I had to use for my other boots is too much for my new ones.
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