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Dalbello Fit?

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Interested in possibly trying these (Viper 10), am currently wearing a Tecnica Vento 95.  How do these run for a person with a narrow flat foot?  I measured a 31 in a local store but seem to remember hearing they may run a little big and think my Tecnica's are a 30.5.  Thanks for the help!

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Narrow flat foot?  Tecnica Vento? Viper 10?  


Perhaps you are looking at the wrong boots altogether?  These boots are on the larger volume side of the spectrum.  I would suggest trying some softer flexing race boots which have narrower and lower volume last shapes.  

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Thanks, the Vento's never felt right didn't get them fit.  I'll have our local fitter take a look, appreciate the suggestion, sounds like a great place to start.

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Bud understates the problem.  The vento started life as protective footwear for zoo rhinos, hippos, and elephants with foot problems.

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My Vento's are a 31, I measured a 31 in my local shop but they have nothing.  I'm having zero luck finding anyone in the area that carries a soft racing boot in a 31.  Suggestions/recommendations?

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We may have gone to fast there.  Some of the other guys may know of a 31 race boot but I don't, although if your foot is narrow Bud is right with his recommendation.  That said you can get them up to a 30 and a good fitter can gain quite a bit.



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