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Beta Ride 11.20

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Atomic Beta Ride 11.20 180cm 108/70/99 r=19
Atomic Xentric 412 bindings
Dachstein DZR race boots
After the three day weekend wrecked by a mother in law visit, I was able to get out to try my new 11.20's.
I was very concerned about going with the short lenght, but was never disappointed from the first turn onward. Conditions were variable; some soft, some ice, some 3 day old pow.
The ski was astounding at all speeds. I was nervous at first, but soon ran this shorty up to full GS turn speeds. This I thought was fantastic, but what most impressed me was its ability to do ripping short SL turns that throw you back out from shear explosive energy. It does wander slighty on hard flats, just like old straight SLs, keep them on a slight edge or let them hover.
I really was not able to try them out in any thing deep, but will keep you posted. The graphics are even cool, orange with the glass fabric weave showing through, giving them a holographic look.
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Gotta agree that the 11.20 BR is a great ski. I loved the 10.20 BR but after skiing them back-to-back the 11.20 made the 10.20's feel ordinary.

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ooooooh, I get to ski these in a couple days. Don't let the short length fool ya. I love the 10.20 in a 180, quite a bit shorter than I ski most other skis. For example, I ski the G31 in a 188. Since the Atomics have such great grip, stabliity, and power you can ski them shorter than other brands. Atomic's construction and technology they keep pumping out is really amazing me. You keep hearing how Salomon is going to take over the industry... but I think Atomic is the big success story of the past few years. I'll throw a 11.20 review up in a few days, I'm already excited.

-Matter<FONT size="1">

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What color were the bindings? Just curious. By the way, did you ski the new 10.20 or are you refering to the old one. Size? 5'9"
155 lbs
18 yrs old
Club racer, all mountain skier
Thinking 170 or 180, on 180 9.22 love the stability. I would like to go shorter, but still want the stability. Will 11.20 provide this?

Feedback appreciated.
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The bindings are black and orange. The skis are 2001/2002 Beta ride 11.20. 180cm will provide more than enough stabilty for some one of your weight. If you are racing, why not a race ski? The 11.20 feels like a race ski in mid-fat platform.
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This post is still relevant for the 2001-2002 season.
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