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Fixing tip delamination

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I have a small section at the tip of SL race skis that are delaminating from hitting gates. It's about a cm long. I tried filling it with epoxy and clamping it, but it didn't hold. Any tips on fixing it or at least making sure it does't get worse
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Try again, making sure you clean the insides of the delam thoroughly so there's no dirt or foreign material in there, use quality marine epoxy, and clamp well and long.  Use tiny wood screws to reinforce.  


Or live with it.  Gear breaks.  

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Originally Posted by Bob Lee View Post

Try again, making sure you clean the insides of the delam thoroughly so there's no dirt or foreign material in there, use quality marine epoxy, and clamp well and long.  Use tiny wood screws to reinforce.  

Or live with it.  Gear breaks.  

In retrospect, I may not have left it clamped long enough to cure properly. I am going to give it another go with epoxy
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Marine epoxy is the only way to go. It will take the temp extremes down to about -10 F but, it requires a minimum of 24 hours to cure.



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Glue it with 2-part epoxy and clamp it overnight.  Drill a small hole through the tip in the center about an inch from the top and edges and add a rivet if you have a rivet gun.  If no rivet tool, you can put a small sheet metal screw through it to hold it tight. Just be sure to grind of rile down the sharp side of the screw sticking out the p-tex side when you are finished.  Might want to go ahead and do that to the other one too so they match.

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yup...clean it out (dental tools?!? wink.gif)...try again. use a hairdryer, heat it up to let the epoxy seep in, let dry 24 hours (clamped)

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Has anyone tried the West 610 epoxy?  Does it have enough flex for use on ski tips?

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Oh ya - an opportunity to pimp my boring how to vid  haha




As far as the OP, I would just clean it out and seal it up at this point.  Presuming its not too severe - a picture would help.


I have a few different epoxies including west 103 and 104.  Never used 610, but it should be fine.  You can always do a test batch and freeze it to check for brittleness.

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This is a pic of Ninthward True Twin after one season of moderate weekend use.  It is a single ski.  Will the West 610 work?  Or should I use the West G Flex 650?  Or something else?

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Sorry I meant a pic from the Original Posters SL ski.


But as far as your ski relimbob - I can't say for sure that your west epoxies would be ideal, but they should work fine.


What you do want to make sure is that when you epoxy and clamp this ski tip,  you will want to use some sort of curved template to clamp against (old or other ski).  Otherwise, when the resin cures, your tip may have less curve than before.


good luck

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Good video, thx loads for that

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Originally Posted by relimbob View Post

Good video, thx loads for that

It's all good.


Just wondering - how is it that you have those west epoxies at your disposal?  I mean, they are expensive, and not readily available at retailers.  Are you a surfboard shaper?  I am into kitesurfing, so thats why I ask.


One of my favourite shots of me - Portugal 2011


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JB Weld is surprisingly good for repairs. It works better for small repairs than the fancy Applied Poleramic laminating resin I use to build my waterskis. I'd use the Applied Poleramic laminating resin on relimbob's ski but I've rebuilt the minor delaminations on both the tips and tails of my snow skis with JB Weld.


Make sure the delamination is completely clean. Any wax, oil or water will ruin the bond. Use a heat gun to get the resin to wick all the way into the damage. Keep the repair warm and clamped until the resin fully kicks off - at least 24 hours. A mechanical backup (rivets, screws or bolts) is a good idea.


@Chenzo Check out Applied Poleramic in Benecia CA. I got better properties for my waterskis with their resin over the West system, Hysol or SafetyPoxy resins I tried.



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Skis have gone to ScotsSkier - he'd have to comment on how well the patching has held, or if the delam has gotten worse or not. It was a small one, about 1/2 the size of a quarter, not like the one above. The small size may not have had enough surface area to make a good bond.

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Thanks but I Couldn't find a retailer for AP here in Canada. Importing it from the states isn't a good option either for me.
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I'm a boater/fisher and there is a West Marine store here in Pittsburgh, PA.  Not a surfer.

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