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Yet another wax thread...

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I know wax has been discussed ad nauseam and there are many, many threads about it, but that's part of the problem. Extracting the info I'm looking for from the endless wax discussions is like finding a needle in a stack of needles.


My question is pretty straightforward: In your opinion, what is the best wax for colorado snow in february-early march (pre-spring conditions)? CH4 and Hertel hotsauce look like a good fit but I'd like to get your opinions.


I hate buying wax in small quantities because of the cost/shipping, so that brings me to another question: Does wax have a shelf-life? Are there additives that evaporate or oxidize over time or am I safe buying bulk and using it over a couple of seasons? If I lived in close proximity to a shop that carried a lot of different waxes, I'd buy several and try them all out but I'm not that lucky.

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i use swix f4 universal fluoro w/ ch3 down the sides 90% of the time in the sierras. 80$ for a 900 g box from tognar.  It skis fast in powder so that's about all i care about, and with the hardener is good for 2-3 days. I also get bulk hot to clean and cold for the layer before final. Everybody has there system and favorites and that's what works for me, and thank god for the roto

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@ Tech_Joshua



I will answer the second part first. Wax does have a shelf life, but it is certainly longer than a couple of seasons. Some dyes may degrade if left exposed to light for extended periods and the wax does not look pretty, but that does not influence performance.

I am not sure how to answer the first part of your question, the two waxes you mention as your best options are very different from each other both in terms of composition and use range.
If you are interested in the Dominator line, I can tell you that Graphite Zoom is generally the go-to wax in CO except during the frigid days in January when the harder Bullet is really zippy.
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We can attest to the quality of Dominator Zoom - last weekend we used the last of a bar purchased before 2002 - worked great. Have another bar on the way. Great product, Tommy! Best to you and our friend Nicko.

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Another question - we have xc ski wax purchased 25+ years ago. Still good?

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