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Best All Mountain Skis for Moguls

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I am looking to upgrade from my old Rosignal Bandit X 170s that are great in the bumps, but have some problems in the crud.  I am 48 yrs old, 5'9", 165 lbs, ski bumps 75% of the time, mostly on the east coast, and I consider myself an advanced expert.  I do not want pure bump skis as I will use only one pair and do like the trees and some off piste, but if I there is an epic powder day I will just rent some fattys.  I have read about the Fischer Watea 84s, but do not have a shop that will let me demo them. Any ideas or suggestions?

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It would be hard to do better than the Blizzard Bushwacker for eastcoast bumps/trees/all-mountain.


But, according to this, Blizzard has been selling defective skis: http://www.epicski.com/t/116635/a-tale-of-two-customer-service-experiences-blizzard-10-goldsmiths-0 of course, being a stand-up company they are standing behind their mistake and replacing skis when called on it.

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I use to be a moguls guy myself on a single ski and went through a number of pairs over the years.  My current single quiver ski is a Fischer RC4 Race SC Pro which is more of a semi-race slalom ski. These things can carve black ice, perform good GS turns (in the right hands) and still work in the bumps.  That being said, I am 50, 205lbs & I ski these in a 170 length.  If you go much softer, you may have difficulty on eastern icy terrain.




Another option you could consider would be one of the newer ski's that offer flex adjustment directly on the ski itself.  I can't recall the exact model but I think I saw that on a head ski recently.

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Kastle MX83

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I like my Fischer Watea 84s in the bumps.  I got them after trying to ski carvers (RX8s, Volkl 5Stars, etc.) in bumps.  I grew up racing and used to use my Rossi STs in moguls, preferring their pop over the feedback from my Olin Mark IVs.  With modern carvers I found that I liked the feedback and the edge-to-edge quickness, but the tails would hang me up between bumps and get me in to trouble.  


I'm a 51 year-old at 6' and 200 lbs.  I now ski exclusively in Massachusetts, Vermont and New York.  I love mogul skiing.  I have the older, pre-rocker, Wateas and ski them at 184 cm.  They're cambered, so I get the feedback and pop I'm used to.  They're light so they're easy to flick around.  I can manage the tails in the bumps.  However, in crud they'll get knocked around a bit.  They have a mild turning radius (21m?), so they feel more like a dedicated mogul (straight) ski.  They serve me pretty well off piste, but at my weight, I could probably use something wider.  I've been looking at the Volkl Bridge, the Head Rock n Roll, Blizzard's Bonefide and Bushwacker, and the wider Wateas.


I wouldn't recommend skiing Wateas on boiler plate, blue ice or blue moguls, but I wouldn't recommend skiing anything on those conditions.  My only complaint with the Watea 84 is that they're not a twin-tip.  Sure there's a little bit of one in the tail, but not enough for a confident switch landing.

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Had a pair of Bandit X (in 177) and liked them at the time.  Currently on Fischer Progressor 8+ for most of my eastern ski days and find them to be good in bumps, decent grip on the eastern firm conditions, and fine in up to 6-8 nches of fresh.  Great eastern everday ski for me (much better than the Bandit).  If I was replacing them, the Progressor 900 would be on my short list.  Here's dawg's review on them. 



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Thanks for the suggestions.  I will try and demo a few in the coming weeks.

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It's a popular question.  I thought post #77 was particularly helpful.  icon14.gif

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