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Rupt Quad

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I blew out my quad tendon with a fall on 12.30.12.  I am 1 day post op right now.  Fortunately for me, the anesthesia service placed a femoral nerve block catheter that numbs the entire anterior thigh and knee, and slowly delivers anethesia to the nerve for 50 hours, therefore I have no pain.  I am allowed to be fully weight bearing while locked by my brace at 0 degrees.  I am to begin moving it once the block has worn of, so I feel what is happening.  The Surgeon, who managed athletes for the New England Patriots, is aggresive with rehab, and told me that after the repair, he was able to flex my knee joint to 90 degrees without any separation of the repair, which he said was more than normal, so this is good.  He set my brace for 50 degrees of flexion, which is what I should be working toward once I have feeling back.  I am optimistic that this will progress well.

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Did you happen to see this thread?  

Its helped a lot of people with good information if you can wade through it. 

Quadriceps Tendon Rupture, Repair and Rehab

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