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Help me choose some sub-$500 pow skis?

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Hi folks!


I'm in the market for some rocker skis.  I've got a set of Rossi all-mountain carvers that I really enjoy, but they're rather short and narrow, so I really struggle to make turns in the deep stuff.


Now, I'm torn between getting something nice and long vs something fat and short:  I'm okay with not being able to fly down the groomed runs at Mach 2... I can use my rossi's for that.


What I'm not sure I'm willing to do is sacrifice the ability to do quick turns through the trees and moguls and stuff, which often is where a lot of the powder is found at resorts (and I can't afford backcountry gear yet).  At the same time, I LOVE doing bowls and off-piste terrain.


So... there's my dilemma.  Anyone have any advice/recommendations?  I'm about 5'9", 190lbs if that helps


edit:  I've got my eye on a pair of used Volkl Katana 178's for $400... is that a rip-off?



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$400 for a relatively new pair, in good shape with bindings? Not a rip-off at all. $400 for a beat-up first gen ski with a cheap binding that has seen better days and a couple remounts? Rip-off. Could go either way.


It is a nice ski, in the right length, for what it sounds like you are looking for.

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Katana doesn't sound like what you're asking about. Depending on year model, it may not have rocker. And it's not the quickest turning of skis. The new ones, way over $500, are made in Germany again and a different ski than former models. The 10 series Atomics were medium stiff, with the 11's being the high performance model. The list of suitable powder skis is too long to type, but narrow it down if you can. Used skis vary a lot in condition, partly depending on where they were skied.

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This is a good place for deals on skis.  Go to the left side and use the filter to narrow it down to gender, length and price.  Make sure you look at the bottom of the page and go to all the pages.




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Prices are so good online, no need to buy used.  Also you can be a member of a cash back site a get additional discounts.


Just get a new pair and spend a couple hundred dollars more on the Volkl Katanahttp://www.activejunky.com/volkl-katana-alpine-ski


Or can check out Department of Goods has huge discounts but sometimes pretty low inventory: http://www.activejunky.com/retailer/department-of-goods


Or Skis.com always has good deals in their discount section: http://www.activejunky.com/retailer/skis-dot-com

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