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Mission Ridge or Stevens Pass for Weekend with Beginners

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I grew up skiing Mt Baker and started skiing again last year after a long break.  Last year was the first time on skis for my 7 and 9 year old daughters.  Three trips to Mt Baker with 3 one hour beginner group lessons and they were able to ride the beginner chair.  We are planning to take a weekend trip to Leavenworth and my plan is to ski two days.  I am considering Stevens and Mission Ridge.  I am leaning toward Mission as I have never been and want to go someplace new.  I haven't been to Stevens in 20 years and get the feeling it is a circus on weekends.  I want to get the kids into a 1/2 day lesson so that I can get some time to ski.  Can I go wrong with either mountain.  Is one significantly better for my proposed plan?


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Stevens is nuts on weekends in January and February.  If you're used to Mt. Baker, you would find it ridiculous.  While I have no first hand experience of this, I imagine that Mission is much less crowded at those times; more like Baker, or even less crowded.  I have only skied Mission Ridge three times, but it seems to have good beginner terrain and some very fine intermediate stuff too.  As long as you can get what you want from the ski school, I would recommend Mission Ridge for you.

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Mission is family friendly and has pretty good beginner terrain. If you look at the trail map, there is actually a green that goes all the way from the top of the MT. , but you have to be careful and watch for signs as it crosses some blues and blacks. Mission also has pretty good blue runs for you “to get the feel of it again”. The lesson prices are reasonable and their website offers several options as far as lesson goes.  One of the deals offers you 3 lift tickets and 3 lessons for $ 149. Wenatchee is nearby with variety of lodging options. PM me if you need more info. 

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I also agree with Posaune, Stevens is nuts on the weekends, I think Mission would be more relaxed, however, we are having pretty good snow year so far, so being at the parking lot early is a MUST, or you will have to look for parking.... 

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I would also recommend Mission for what you want. MR is a great family friendly ski hill.
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Thank you for your replies.  I think we are headed to Mission JAn 26-28.  The girls are excited.  I have not yet told them that the beginner chair is a double.  The first and only chair they have ridden was a quad at MT Baker that either I or the instuctor helped them on and rode with them.  Not sure how this will go on a double.  I guess we will find out. 

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Simple. Chair 1 runs slow and low. The lift op on chair 4 will slow the chair down and help them get on if needed. Over Xmas break the two chair 4 lift ops went above and beyond making sure everyone was getting on smoothly. I was impressed. You don't see that at Xtal.
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Good info, thanks!

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