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 My hunch is that we see an uptick in the press over the next couple of months, with many people and organizations "taking credit" for at least some of MS's development. Ski Club Vail, for example, claims her as an alumna, despite having spent remarkable little time there. The person who, IMO. deserves the credit, and is among the least likely to seek it, is Kirk Dywer, who is the headmaster at Burke, and the head U14/U16 coach. He was Mikaela's coach when she was a J3….when she really arrived as a competitor. 


The reason that I mention this is that every kid who attended Burke as a J3 instantly recognized the move that Mikaela used to recover in the second run as the "Norwegian Drill". You'll see it mentioned over the next week, or so. The drill is basically making a turn initiation with all of the weight on the inside ski….little toe edge of the inside ski, no weight on the downhill ski.  I know many a kid who felt the drill was "annoying"…..but it helps with balance, and with the fundamentally sound skiing that great coaches like Dwyer instill in their younger kids. I saw that move, and instantly thought that's an instinctive move. THis AM had a conversation with a friend who's kids were all Burkies {mine were at another academy}, and his comment was "How about that Norwegian Drill recovery???"


Kirk Dwyer. Deserves a lot of credit {as do MS's parents} Also a good example of why some of the very best programs in the country have now followed suit and have their best coaches working with U14's or U16's. And for you race parents, I would suggest NEVER asking why your U12, U14 and even U16 may not be "training gates more…" {or however you choose to phrase it}.  You're never going to develop a MS by more time gate training. 


The Burke Norwegian Drill…'ll be reading more!!


Incredible race by an incredible athlete. IMO, just amazing. 

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The USSA Skills Quest program for kids seems to be based around drills to help youth become better skiers, as opposed to just running gates (similar in thought to what you mentioned above).  From what I've read in the past, and what you (Muleski) confirmed, she was motivated and coached to become a great skier first.  I am trying out the drills to help my own skiing, and it seems to be working.  I still suck at the one ski drill (sliding is no problem, carving is), which is why I am in awe of Shiffrin's balance, Killy's balance in those powder clips,  and Bode's ability to almost complete a 2005 DH on one ski.

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