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Stockli Laser SC

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5'8" 175 lb.
Advanced skier

I just got a pair of these in 178 and skied them in gates for the first time this morning. They are incredible. I was able to carve every gate in a tight GS course better than I ever have before. Freeskiing they were unshakable in whatever radius turn I felt like making. Can't wait to race on them and see if I am faster than I was before.
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Hal, Your profile and mine are identical.

All this praise about the Laser SC has me envious. I've heard this is the hottest ski on the amateur race level.

I've been racing this season on my 10.20's and have been doing well. Next year though, I'll have to add the SC to my arsenal. One can never be too fast.

What kind of binding and lift are you using?

I wonder what changes are in store for this ski next season?
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I have Salomon 912 poweraxe bindings on my SC's. The setup works great for me. I can't imagine what they could do to improve these skis but all skis keep getting better and better so who knows.
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