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Nordica Enforcer 2013 and Nemesis

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While it's not the ideal snow for it, My wife demoed the Nemesis this week, and I demoed the Enforcer today.


Me, 44yr, 5'11, 168lbs, finesse skier, expert, level 3 psia cert

Molly, 42, 5 ft 5.5, 118lbs, finesse skier, level 2 psia cert


snow, chalky, skied out and packed, but still cold. skied mostly trails, off piste, bumps, and groomers to get there and get home.


Skis I have loved, Kastle mx 98, Stockli Scot schmidt (original one), skis I've liked alot, bliz magnum 8.2, nordica jet fuel


My wife skied one of the bliz rockered skis, and couldn't get it to feel right, and was skeptical of the turned up tip because of that,


she absolutely loved the nemesis from the first turn. it was smooth and friendly, but hooked up well, provided good rebound and feedback, and was predictable, while being great fun and confident inspiring.


since she loved it and wanted one, I decided I should try it. plus, my mx 98 is 5 years old, so maybe I'll need something else soon as they don't make the mx 98 anymore.


warm up groomer turns, short swing, nice feel, nice progression through the flex, good energy out, good hold, definitely 98mm, but a good first impression. up the speed, mixing med w/ longer carved turns, they were good fun! my kastle is a  24mm radius and this one is 19, and felt like it. on the moderate pitch groomer, I liked this one better then my mx because of this added shape.


off piste, super fun, predicatable, playful, overall great!


this is the first ski I've skied in this range since I've been skiing my mx 98 that I want to own.


Maybe more late, but guest just arrived for dinner, so my ski tech moment is over.




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skied my mx98 this AM after yesterday on the nordica. back to back, same snow, same runs.

MX is more solid, and has more rebound and snap (even after being skied since winter 09/10)

Nordica is softer, and shapelier. slower edge to edge but easier to release.


For now, I'll keep my 98, but i do believe the enforcer is almost as good as the mx on packed snow, and I believe the enforcer will be a better pow ski, w/ the larger tip, and early rise.




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Did you feel the extra length on the Enforcer over the MX98?  Seems like a 177cm beats a 174cm in soft snow, at least at speed. 

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