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Mondo Madness

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Help! Looking for AT boots with tech fittings. I am a 10.5/11 in US sizing and feet measure 28.575. Can someone tell me why all the variance in Mondo sizing?  I live in BFE so a try on is not possible. Looking at Scarpa, BD, Garmont, and Dynafit right now. I would lean more toward a US 11 than a 10.5. Thanks! Ned.  

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um,  I'm not sure what you are asking?


what size to buy?


what model to buy?

what color to buy?

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Do they offer this in pink camo? Size 25 MONDO?

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If you can afford it, you can afford to get a pink camo vinyl wrap for it.

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Never thought of that... I have pink camo wrap on my Veyron. Great idea! Thanks! Ned

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