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Recommended bootfitters in Telluride?

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I thought there used to be a directory of bootfitters here but can't find it at the moment.  I'm looking to replace my boots and get custom footbeds.  My current boots were slightly too big to begin with and now that the liners are packing out they are getting more and more uncomfortable with each ski trip.


The outer bone on my forefoot is the most uncomfortable spot in my current boot. The second spot is that I get slight shin pain near the top of the boot towards the end of a day or trip but it's tolerable, just a little uncomfortable.  I feel that I need more control than my current boot offers.  I can slightly lift my heel and do get a bit of lateral movement in my skis when in crud.  Occassionally I can't control the ski as well as I'd like due to what I think looseness in the boot but it could also be my legs moving and poor skiing technique.  If I try to clamp my buckles down tighter my foot hurts so I deal with the slight lack of control.  I do not know how to determine if my current boot has enough flex for me or not, that is something I would like to learn more about.


I did get sized up at Whistler last year but unfortunately they didn't have my size in the boot they recommended so they sent me away without purchasing anything.  They had recommended a Dalbello Viper 10 or 12.  I took this as a sign of a good boot shop but unfortunately I don't know when I'll be back there so I may not get to purchase from them, I only do 1-2 trips per year and usually go to different resorts.  They told me I have the following fit characteristics:


Narrow heel

Wide forefoot

Slight pronation


I think I also have rather skinny legs but the fitter didn't mention that.  I'm 5'8", 150#, type II skier (level 7-ish) and currently have a Lange CRL 80.


If this is enough for some of you to suggest some models I'd appreciate it.  If not no biggie, I plan on going to a pro anyway but figured I'd throw this out there.

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Boot Doctor is the best choice in Telluride.



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Thank you.  Do you have a suggestion on which location has the better fitting staff?  I see they have one in the village and one in town.  It also looks like there might be a couple more but farther away from the mountain, they might be retail only shops.  The in town location near the gondola is the closest to me but it wouldn't be an issue to go to the village either.

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they are all centrally trained by the master Bob Gleason. so location is not an issue. go with geographical convenience.



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