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Our ski school locker room had a fire a few days before xmas and I lost my Dabello Viper Strikes with the ID liner and foot beds that fit me perfectly.  They were on a boot drying system that filled them up with 6" of ash.


That day I located the same pair of boots and got new foot beds made.  The right one fits ok but the left is a little tight in one spot and is loose in other ways.  The whole thing was done in a rush 2 days before xmas but I already knew exactly how the boot needed to be set up so that saved considerable time.  I think the tounge was not pushed enough when molding which is why the Left boot does not feel quite right. 


I have now skied and taught 7 days in them thru the Holidays.  Should I go get them remolded?  If so will I need to go thru the break in pains again?


The new foot beds are from Foot Balance which are different from my old ones.  The Foot Balance system seems to mold a very low temps and the boot fitter that worked with me said that they could not be in the ID cooked liners due to that so we used the stock footbeds to the the ID molding.  Could that be part of my issue?