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i have, early last spring I contacted them about my heating element.  IT WAS a little difficult getting thru to them, eventually I got human on the line.  the replaced the element on the spot; I got it in about 10 days.

I love their stuff even though getting thru is a bit of a pita.  keep trying...    btw, if I remember right, they were more apt to answer the phones in the afternoon.

good luck,

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Thanks.  Been calling in the afternoons but it either rings until it goes to voicemail or rings once and then goes to VM which makes me think someone just doesn't want to take the call.  Pretty terrible customer service, if I had known it would have been like this, I would have ordered it from one of their dealers instead.  

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I got my bag from http://www.fuxiracingusa.com/ and race with him.


He will take care of HotGear bags without issue.

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Originally Posted by Dave Cee View Post

Does anyone know if this bag is compatible with intuition liners? I know that the intuition website says no, but I'm hoping that some of you may have personal experience. I often view such warnings from manufacturers as liability control.

I've used my bag for several years, like it very much, and would like to keep using it if I can do so without ruining my new liners.

Thanks in advance,


Like everyone else I have the bag and love it. I called intuition exactly with the same question about the liners and they said no problem being in the heated bag
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