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Stockli Stormrider

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I'm looking at a pair of '99-'00 Stormriders, can get them cheap, only thing is they only have them in a 198. I'm 6' 195lbs, PSIA scale 9 or 10 and don't think they'll be a problem on hardpack. But, are they going to be too stiff off-piste. They do't have any demo's available. Anyone used these? Sound killer for spring crud.

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I am 6'1" 185 level 8 or 9 and just bought last years S.R. in a 192 from I have been on them 5 times this year in all sorts of conditions, on and off piste> great performance in both. Love to ski ice on these, they don't even think twice about betraying you. Off Piste they will stomp through anything and have very good float in the powder, a 73 waist on this ski is wonderful. On groomed trails you can point them straight downhill and they will ask for more speed. Very, very stable. As far as I can tell they only have one drawback, they kill me in the moguls. Granted I am not the greatest skier there but it certainly is a chore. I would be intimidated with a 198 but if your confident go right ahead. It is a big stiff ski, but can be handled easily if you are on top of it.
I have no regrets about purchasing mine. As a matter of fact I am getting this years version from the ski shop that bumbled the binding mount. Depending on what they will do I might be able to keep both skis. If that is the case I would be more than willing to sell you a 192 for cheaper than you can buy the 198. I will let you know what they want to do.
IMHO you won't find a better ski, let alone a better ski at a very cheap price.
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Thanks for the info, everything I have heard about them sound great. Wasn't too worried about the length for hardpack (been using 205's for years) main concerns in deep snow and being too stiff. The fact they handle ice well is cool, cause lord knows there's been enough of that this year.

Thanks again
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i want to check out the Stockli Asteroid,


in a 201 fer christ sake!

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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A-Zone, You can email me for info on the Stocklis, we can chat off this forum so I am not making any shameless plugs . I have a demo of this year's Stormrider II in 192 you can try.

I'm the Oregon rep.
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I own(ed) two pairs of stockli's, and i ahve to say that they were probably the best skis i ever had. Not only is the quality great, but also everything that surrounds the ski. I don't know disatisfied stockli customers.
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Where to begin. I am 5-11, 200lb, 41, former shot-putter, track sprinter, speedskater, a level 8-9 skier, NASTAR addict, and love all skiing except bumps and big jumps (I have a hard enough time jumping into water off a 20 foot cliff!) I just completed my first day on Stockli Stormrider 2's, in a 186, with Salomon 900's. This ski is like none of the other 25 or so kinds I have either demoed or owned in my life. Stratton was 6 inches of chopped light pow on an ice base. The SR2 felt surprisingly light and flexible, IF you stay centered. Otherwise, it was like having a Hong Kong judge riding your tails with a cane in hand. Get in the back seat and you get caned-ouch. This ski is deceptively mighty and surprisingly supple. It is like comparing a BMW 500 series with a Nissan Maxima V6. Both have the same numbers for acceleration and handling, but you can just tell that the BMW has about 1000 hours more engineering in it.

It does short turns just fine, and dances through choppy steeps very well (never mind the girly boys at SKIING mag who said it it was hard to bend--too much time on Volants (sorry Phil, but I am a FORMER Zmax, Supercarve guy )). If you are headed for some scary piles of frozen,crusty,uneven white death, don't worry because the SR2 will turn it into smooth ice cream. Long fast turns on the groomed feel like racing, and when I tucked into super-G's, it was the most precise ride I ever had. This thing could race. Ice? Very nice-nearly as good as Volkl-about the same as an Atomic race ski.

I have owned Volkls (P40 F1 and Plats, Rossignols (9x9.9, XX,) and Atomics (9.20Betarace, 9.16SL currently--love it), but this Stockli is the mother of all freight trains--equine analogy would be a quarterhorse.

What can't it do? It won't cuddle you like a Salomon, nor will it stiffen its back off-center like a Volkl nor does it lack the snap of a Volant. It is not a hard mogul ski, but at my age with Rice Krispie knees, I am not a bump skier. The few times I had to land small off-balance jumps it was solid as hell, hunting for the next rough spot.

In short, this ski feels like a serious, well-thought out all-mountain example of Swiss engineering. It is very different from other skis. Sandwich construction, art gallery looks and craftsmanship. I'm still shaking my head trying to come to terms with this subtle monster. Highly recommended. Thanks to and Dan Burgess for talking me into it. PS--do not let a non- Stockli ski-tech touch it. Only a real pro with Wintersteiger equipment. Betaracer's warnings about tuning Atomics all apply here.
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Hey Northwest,

One quick question...

If the Stormrider I which you had a major Seattle outdoor store replace for you with a SR II because you felt the SR I was ruined after a "bumbled" mount, why would you sell it to someone else? I have inside knowledge that the ski techs at that "big store" are going to enjoy that SR I!

PS: Those "techs" have meen monitoring these forums.
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I'd be very concerned with the size of the ski. I believe you should be thinking about 190s. If you can't demo that particular ski, try a couple of shaped skis in that size and 190.

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Just bought a pair of 198s at overstock . com for 230 w/shipping. There are a few pairs left.

I wanted a pair for the non-bottomless days when I don't want to use the Asteroids (best fat on the market IMO). If you are 190+lbs and skiing at 9-10 don't hesitate and buy these skis! Best deal you're going to see in a long time. You'll need the $15 off coupon (dailyedeals . com) to get them for 230 and the free shipping deal ends on the 25th.

PS. DON'T run the zipperline with them!!
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As a P.S. to my earlier review. I recently took my 186cm SR2's out on my local NASTAR course instead of my usual 180cm Atomic Betarace 9.16SL. I lowered my previous best time by over a full second. Amazing. By the way, is selling the old version of the SR.
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Just wait until next year's ski! new construction, more sidecut, all new graphics. I have seen it, should be on it soon. As soon as I am, I'll post details. New shape: 109-74-99, a bit turnier than the Stormrider II.
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A-Zone- I have a pair of 2000-2001 Stormrider II with a tyrola plate and binding for $500 in great condition. Any interest email me at
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