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What are ski-instructors skiing this year?

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Me: 5'8" 158lb energetic "expert" but not pro.

Looking for: ski to fill hard-snow end of 3-ski quiver (next up = Prophet 98)

Blurb: A hard-snow ski with grip on man-made and ice that rewards energy input and good technique with some kick in the tail but doesn't need to be skied mach speed all day and has some liveliness when cruising with the wife and kids... is this the sort of ski an EC instructor might use?? Would love to know what groomer-oriented skis the instructors are voting for with their feet this year - and any and all suggestions from others also.



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I don't know what an EC instructor is but I'm using the Élan Amphibio 14 and love them. The inside edge are traditional camber and hold well. The outside edge is early rise and makes slow speed skiing easy.

I'm your size, 5'7" 157 #, and ski the 160 cm. I thought it would be too short but I called Elan and for what I wanted to do - instruct and go for L2 - they insisted that was the right size and I'm glad I listened.

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My only "new" skis this year so far are 178cm Dynastar course TI's.  I have only been out on them a few times, but they seem to fit your description to a tee. 

My "go to" all a rounders" are SkiLogik, Ullrs Chariot TT's.


5' 10" - 160lbs.



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I'm playing around on a pair of Blizzard Magnum 8.0 Ti this year. Have enjoyed them so far on groomers, hardpack steep and ice bumps, soft snow bumps and 6-10" powder, some breakable crust in the trees. To me it has been a good all around ski.

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Head Peak 78 Pro (2012 model, white top sheet). Awesome groomer ski, lots of energy out the tail, versatile enough for off-piste and crud. I've ski them 14 days so far at Hood Meadows, Oregon in all conditions including 2 feet of light powder. They're priced at a bargain and not as popular as other skis in its category, mainly due to poor reviews for the 2010, 2011 models.  

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Blizzard Magnesium SLR or the variants of the Head Supershape line...

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My "official" instructor ski this year is the Nordica Doberman Spitfire EDT XBI CT 170 ( where do they come up with these names ). A great ski.

On my own time I ski the Nordicas, Head SS Mags 170, graded Fisher world cup SL's 165, some older Elan FIS GS 18?, Stockli Stormrider Offroad XL 194, Elan Boomerang 181, Dynastar pro XXL 194 and Black Crows Corvus 196,5. The 4 first will probably see most use.

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