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Iggy FC?

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Has anyone been on these behemoths? Sounds like an intriguing shape (125-93-117), similar to some of next year's production fatties. Any reports from the trenches would be welcomed....
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I ride an Iggy FFL 125-98-110 and the more time I spend on them the more I like them.
The only time I really notice the size/width as a disadvantage is on ice (a rarity here in Utah). More sidecut may help on the ice. I'm even getting used to them in the bumps. But they are truly in there element when going very fast in crudy conditions. They just smooth it all out and make it too easy to make big fat turns.

In the trees the sheer size of the platform makes it so easy to turn and stop. I can actually turn quicker in the powder than I could with the Iggy mffl's I used last year.

I've only talked to one guy on the FC's - he's a tele skier and skied the FFL last year - all he said was "the side cuts sweet".

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Love my IgFat GSs for essentially the same reasons Harpo posted. I looked into the FC before going with the FGS, but decided I didn't need so much side cut in a deep snow, big mountain ski. Would absolutely love to demo a pair tho.
Hey Harpo, what length FFL are you on?<FONT size="1">

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200cm FFL 260 RA

JW - I think the FGS is the most versatile shape they have - I felt like I was getting a free pair of skis - so I went for something a little less practical. It was still a hard decision - I went back and forth between the FFL and the FGS for weeks before I put in the order.

I didn't consider the FC. I tend to release my turns early and thought the extra tail would just get in the way.
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200s, by today's standards those are some large boards. If Ig had made a 195 FFL, that is the ski I'd have bought. Just wasn't sure I could crank the 200s around. (they make the FGS in 185 and 195, so I took the 195s).
Anyway, XXXer if you ride the Rossi XXX, I think the FGS is the Ig most closely proportioned to the the Bandit. But the Ig guys are around for demos; check their web site for demo schedule.
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Thanks for the feedback. I do ride the XXX but am looking for something a little fatter and burlier. The FGS has the same footprint as K2's old Big Kahuna, which I liked except for its floppiness. Just thought the FC might be able to lay some bigger trenches than the FGS on the way back to the lift...?
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