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Base Nick

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Ok, I put my first nick in my bases today. It's small. About the size of my pinky fingernail, and not more than 1 mm deep. Should I worry about filling it right away, or just ski on it until I take my skis for a tune?
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i dunno, just my opinion, but somthing like that is certainly not something to get out a ptex candle(obsolete???) for, I'd say just ski it 'til your next base grinding if your don't notice a difference.
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Gouges that reach the underlying structural material should be repaired immediately with Ptex and not just a wax “fill”. Everything else is "cosmetic" and the repair is made to keep the base sliding smoothly on the snow. It sounds like you have a cosmetic nick. You may repair it yourself with Ptex or you can wait till your next tune. It won't matter either way.

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