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Deer Valley Tips

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Is anyone here very familiar with Deer Valley? I've been there once, it was probably about 10 years ago in late April on a day that was much too warm and it was terrible. I'm going there next week with my brother-in-law. He has always wanted to go to Deer Valley but has never skied before. I figure I'll spend a lot of the day on some beginner runs with him, but I'd like to get in at least a few good runs by myself. I know that I can expect some heavy crowds and probably not great snow conditions.


Are there any great places at Deer Valley that might be a bit unknown to most of the crowd? Anybody have a run or area that you'd highly recommend I hit?

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For groomers, hit Jordanelle in morning with the fresh grooming. good fast run down to gondola. In afternoon, it slicks up.Stein's way is a great cruiser as well. As are many runs off of Wasatch chair. For powder, non groomed runs,  lady Morgan and empire chairs are good. Also, perseverance bowl from wasatch chair. Also, I think Deer Valley is best in the morning. The grooming is in a class of it's own. However, I also think it tends to slicken up faster than the other resorts. Maybe, it's something about too much grooming. My 2 cents.

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Typically anything at Deer Valley with a double blue or higher designation is not very crowded.  For example anything on Bald Mountain to the left of Nabob (looking up from the bottom) should be relatively uncrowded.  I would focus on the Sultan and Mayflower lifts if your time is limited.  Some good runs in that area are Morning Star, Steins Way, Peerless, Blue Ledge, Triangle Trees, Reward and Legal Tender.  If you happen to be closer to Empire Canyon, the Empire Express and Lady Morgan lifts are usually not very crowded.  Empire has the steepest runs at DV (Daly Chutes) whereas Lady Morgan serves up a more consistent fall line on the runs closest to the lift.

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I don't think you will have too much problem with crowds next week, midweek especially.  

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Awesome, thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope you're right, BlueDevil. It really takes a lot of the enjoyment out of skiing for me when it gets very crowded. I'll be going on Friday, so hopefully it's not too bad. I should have enough time to hit both Bald Mountain and Empire/Lady Morgan. But I'm going for free, so I can't complain if I don't.

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Hit the $35 buffet at Stein Erickson's.  Best meal in Deer Valley.  Best meal in Utah, for that matter.


Runs:  Lady Morgan is pretty sweet (Magnet/Argus soften up nicely in the sun by noon), and wasn't there 10 years ago.  We talked about fun runs on another thread, and Jordanelle came up several times.  A double blue that feels like you are poaching the McMansion front yards.  I park at the Jordanelle base so I ski it all the time, but it is out of the mainstream and can get neglected by the casual DV skier.  Laps on Sultan Express lift are always good - the Mayflower runs usually get too sloppy by afternoon but the Sultan runs like Preserverance stay in the shade all day.

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Will be in UT Dec.14th to 21st. Thinking of hitting DV on one of those days, maybe the 20th or 21st. Really will just depend on where conditions are best. Staying in at the Crystal Inn just outside of SLC. Curious if any DV lift tickets can be had for less than the staggeringly shocking $108 MSRP? At those prices might just stick with the Cottonwood ski areas.

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Cheaper at SLC ski shops, but still expensive.

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Originally Posted by Maui Steve View Post

Cheaper at SLC ski shops, but still expensive.

No kidding, just checked Canyon Sports, and it's $96. 

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Originally Posted by SpikeDog View Post

Hit the $35 buffet at Stein Erickson's.  Best meal in Deer Valley.  Best meal in Utah, for that matter.


You must have had a coupon to get the buffet for 35 bucks.  Their website lists it at $64.  I believe I paid $55 a couple years ago.

And yes it was a great meal, but I'm just a one plate buffet eater, and it was an expensive plate.

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Was that for lunch or dinner, Maineskier? I paid $105 for 3 people for lunch on a weekday a couple of years ago. I remember very specifically since I only had $120 in my wallet and the prices weren't listed (if you have to ask, you can't afford it). I've been there for special occasions (like Mother's Day buffet) where it's been higher.
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That was for dinner.  I didn't realize they had a lunch buffet.

However, when I vacation I don't usually worry to much about the cost.  But 35 bucks for lunch would not fly IMO.

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Skiing is going to be limited next week with Utah's snowfall still running below average.  Park City is currently 7% open.  The "unknown" or "lesser known" runs won't be open yet.   The Park City group of resorts gets only 150 inches at the base (though 300 up high), thus lower runs are snowmaking dependent in early season.  That's what accounts for the slickness.  In spring weather is warm, altitude is somewhat low in Rockies context and there's a lot of east exposure.  What all of this means is that these areas are best skied during the mid-January to mid-March core of the season.  If you go there in December or April you're likely to be disappointed.


I notice the OP lives in Utah. Surely he should take the brother in law to Alta or Brighton, both of which have decent beginner terrain with real snow.



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Alta  - all day

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The question was posed in January so the trip in question and current snow conditions probably aren't relevant.

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haha!! Great point!

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I got sucked in by toadman's post, which was only 3 days ago, didn't notice the date for the OP.

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I probably wouldn't have noticed either but I was reading through the earlier posts and read through one of the posts above and thought, "that is pretty good advice" before I realized it was my own post from January. 

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Try Liftopia. Tickets for Deer Valley tomorrow only $85. I know they are currently $108 for 12/20 but it looks like they might be dropping as the dates approach.

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Originally Posted by mcmaxwell View Post

Try Liftopia. Tickets for Deer Valley tomorrow only $85. I know they are currently $108 for 12/20 but it looks like they might be dropping as the dates approach.


Just updating this thread. Ended up pulling the trigger on the Liftopia deal, at $85. I also had a $10 discount coupon from a ski expo. So two tickets at $80. When we exchanged our vouchers, the walk up window price for Sunday was $85. I would have been kind of po'd if I had stopped at one of the local ski shops and paid $96!

And for those who care about these sorts of things, the conditions were just meh. But Deer Valley seems to do a good job of grooming all that man made snow. They need a good 12" to make things acceptable, and open up more terrain. Talked to a local ski patroller who said if they got that 12", they would look to maybe do a limited opening up Empire.
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