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Hi everyone. I have questions about the Sir Francis Bacon, Influence 105 and Armada TST's and any other ski that I should be looking at. After having done an excessive amount of research, I feel I’ve narrowed into a few skis, but I'm having so many second thoughts and want to make sure I'm not overlooking something (most of my home hills don’t carry skis I’m looking at). For a little about me: I’m a 6’4, 190 skier who comes from traditional racing background. I'm a lanky, but fairly hard charging expert. Note, I will never be jibbing or going into the park. My fatter skis are the Moment Bibby Pro and I’m looking for a daily driver that’s in the 102 – 112 range. I also have a pair of Salomon Sentinel 184 that I got for super cheap last year, which I mostly use on EC low snow days. Carving performance is just as important to me as a ski’s playfulness (along with crud, powder and mogul performance). The Bibby allows me to charge, but I do find my 190 Bibby's can get a little annoying in some tigher spots, but otherwise, they ski short to me. What interests me in the TST and SFB's are their natural arcs– I enjoy a ski to come around across the fall line when I’m carving. I don’t like it when I have to force medium radius turns when up on edge, something I actually feel I have to force with my Salomon Sentinels (I feel the Bibby and my other skis have a much bigger turning radius and I really have to push them to come around though I do enjoy the bibby’s soft snow carving ability). So the question is, are there other skis that would fit my skiing style? Examples: Moment PB&J, Line Influence 105 (stiffer ski I know), Line Sir Francis Bacon. I’m thinking Blizzard Cochise (or even Bonafide) might not fit my requirements. Would I be too heavy for the SFB's, TST's, etc?

Thanks for any tips/thoughts.