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i demoed those orange ones... i think they're system 10's... fun ski, kind of. nice and responsive arcing it up at slow speed and decent short turns ( i demoed a 191 i'm 6' 160lbs aggressive racer style), but when I brought them up to speed, they didnt like it. floppppppy! kind of scary, actually. I'm sure someone who liked to carve and rip at anything slower than 35 would like them, but past that they dont give you that warm fuzzy feeling a race-construction midfat or a real race ski does

Ski a heckuva lot like the ol' 9x 9.9's, which, btw, were AWESOME skis. the shop didnt have next years race skis mounted up for demo, but hey, the viper was very race-able. it was railed out of the factory so i had a bit of trouble really cranking 'em far on edge, but they were smoooth and really stable. like most rossis that excel at long turns, their short turns were pretty much *cough* pitiful *cough*, but really, who cares? rippin' ski!

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