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Mt. Ashland day trip

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Hi all, I'll be in the Medford/Ashland area for work between Jan 11th and 15th. I'm planning to do a day trip to Mt. Ashland on the 13th or 14th, depending on my work schedule during the stay. 

Any locals willing to lead a newbie around?



EDIT: just realized Mt. Ashland isn't open on Tuesdays, so edited my post accordingly

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Cool, that's the mountain I grew up skiing on and skied on for over 30 years. Unfortunately I can't join you as I now live 1,000 miles away. You picked a good year to go as Mt. Ashland has a great base for this time of year. Mt. Ashland is known for being steep with hard snow (though you'll probably wonder why people are talking about hard snow considering what you are used to.) Hopefully you'll catch one of the big dumps Mt. Ashland gets during years like this.

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My trip got cancelled.... :(

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