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Hopefully a simple question, bought a pair of shiros with some barons on them at the beginning of the season, but haven't bought any skins yet. Is there anything I need to look out for besides obviously length and width, as well as making sure they're not ski specific skins? 






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Thanks for the link, would love to give them ago, should've probably mentioned that I'm in europe, so something that's a little quicker to get would be preferable.


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I was being lazy when I gave you that link, but it will answer many questions if you read through the site.  I buy skis and gear from these guys  They are in France and I would highly recommend them.  Also if you search Climbing skins in Tech Talk at TGR, you will find lots of info like this:  Lots of info over there and laughs from some pretty stupid answers.

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Even if you don't get G3 skins, their trimming tool is the best.

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G3 and Black Diamond Ascension seem to be the most popular in BC. I've been using the same pair of BD Ascension for 5 seasons now, across two pairs of skis, without any problems, but I do not tour very much.

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Europe you say? If you don't have a local store you could go to, I'd go to the Telemark-Pyrenees site and get a pair of Black Diamond STS, G3 Alpinist, or Coll-Tex Camlock skins, sized closest to the width of the tail of my skis (then trim them to fit). If you tour mostly on cold, dry snow consider getting a mohair mix, otherwise nylon are cheaper and work well.

That should serve you very well.
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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

Even if you don't get G3 skins, their trimming tool is the best.


The convenience of one of those 4 buck G3 trim tools can not be overstated. At least for me, they make the differences between a drawn out job punctuated by attempts to unwind from mistakes (and skins) vs a 3 minute per ski job conveniently resulting in a perfect trim. I keep a few around because even if I'm cutting some other brand, those little suckers rule. The key is to be forceful about keeping it pegged to the edge and flush to the base for the full draw along the ski.


Another alternative is to have your local shop or a more experienced friend do the trimming for you. Ideally you could watch and learn.


The links  and info others have presented will be super useful to you. 

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