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Just can't get them right!!!

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Me: Will be 43 in a few days, 2nd season skiing, no huge foot issues (had some planter facitis a few years ago, but have not had any issues for 3-4 years), through this boot adjusting process I have determined that my feet are relativly the same size length and width. I'm tall for a female (5'8") and carrying too much weight (around 200lbs).


End of last year I bought my first pair of ski boots - ended up with Dalbello Tango's (price and fit were good). Have custom footbeds in - made at Christy's in Beaver Creek. I've tried both custom and trim-to-fits with no difference in the issue. Wear thin to ultra thin socks.


As I said in the title, I just can't get them to fit right most of the time. I skied for 3 days in Keystone over New Years... day one... left boot is too tight and and the right boot is loose and sloppy (no matter what do to the buckles!), day two.. perfect!!!... day three back to issue with day one.This has been typical of these boots this year (I've skiied 11 days this year and had maybe 4 good days with the boots).


I've had some work done to them - the footbed ground flat, and the heels inside ground down some (thinking the issue was my heel not staying in place), and nothing has helped.


My husband and I are almost to the point of thinking that the 3-buckle boots are just not a good choice for me.


Any ideas of what direction to take now? I'll be back in Keystone on the 12th and can have them worked on then, but just not sure what to do with them at this point?

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We would need to see your feet and boots to answer these questions, I suggest you seek out a qualified boot fitter---many are listed in the Who's Who wiki at he top of this section---to solve these problems


interesting that on some days they seem to ski well and not on others.?


we don't sell 3 buckle boots.



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Thanks Mike. Yes, it is wierd that some days they are just perfect. Par for my course though. :)


I'm going to look for a bootfitter and make an appointment today.


Have a fantastic weekend!


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read this and answer the 10 questions.


but what mike said is best

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