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K2 Rictor (2012) vs. Volkl RTM 80 (2012)

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Hi, new to the board and after looking at other threads - couldnt' really find the answer to my question so figured I would post to see if anyone had experience/thoughts/advice.


About me:

- 6'5, athletic 270 lbs.

- would consider myself a intermediate skier - skied all blue runs at Taos and Heavenly this year, and ski Snowshoe, WV back home (live in NC)

- mostly a front side skier, but enjoyed some runs with bumps and trees this past trip in Tahoe with all the fresh powder

- marrying into a ski family so time will be spend 50% at Snowshoe, 50% out west, so looking for an all mountain ski


After doing some pretty extensive research and checking of local shops in Tahoe and here I have narrowed my choices down to the K2 Rictor and Volkl RTM 80.  The Rictor is in a 174 length, while the RTM is a 176.  Being last year models (which is fine by me) they are both pretty good deals from what I can tell, but the Rictor is about $100 less...


I would love to hear from you folks your experiences with these skis, and what you think would be the best choice.  Thanks for reading!!

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bump..can anyone offer any helpful input?

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I think that you could go with a longer ski at your height and weight... Between the two skis, they somewhat similar but for your weight I would do the K2 Rictor.  I believe it is a little bit stiffer, which is needed for a larger skier.  I felt it had a little more energy than the RTM 80 also. I think a good option could also be the kendo... A little bit wider if you are going out west. 

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east, thanks for the info.  I had actually heard the volkl was the stiffer of the two models?  anyone else have any feedback they can provide?  Thanks!

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I can only comment that I love my Rictors.  i didnt try out the Vokl so I'd have to let someone else comment, but my Rictors have served me well from skiing on piste in Chamonix, off piste in Tignes and Avoriaz and even down the Swiss Wall (La Chavenettes) which is about as hard a bump run as you'll find...





Right now, I'm skiing the East Coast resorts (moved to Boston) around New Hampshire and Vermont and they have served me equally well on the harder conditions I've experienced here.


I WOULD say, that I have a trip to SLC planned next month and for pure powder skiing, I'm considering something a little wider underfoot, but for 90% of my skiing, the Rictor has been great.


I ski the 174cm and I'm 6ft 2 and 22lbs by the way.

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I think that the better choices for you would be a K2 AMP Aftershock and the previously mentioned Volkl Kendo. The extra gain in in mass and surface area will allow you to ski more mixed conditions, but the shapes will allow you to ski groomers.

My staff and I sell more Kendos and Aftershocks than RTM and Rictors here in Nor Cal. The skis are much more versatile.

For a guy your size and being very athletic, go 181 for the Aftershock and 184 for the Kendo.

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For your svelte frame, you need more ski than a 174, you need something in the 180's. I assume since you are looking at last years skis, you are on a budget. Back to the fiscal drawing board for you. 

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Me - 5'9"/180#/51 years old and not as aggressive as I was when the age of the guy in your avatar. I have the Aftershock in 174 and you will definitely need more length.


Don't let finding a bargain cloud your judgement. You say you are marrying into a ski family and will be getting good use out of your equipment, so the calculus is simple. You'll save (at most) a couple bucks a day for each day on snow - 10 cents a run for sub-optimal equipment is no deal.

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I don't own either ski though I've demo'ed each recently.  My impression was that they are very similar, so there's not a huge advantage of getting one over the other.  That said, I thought that the Volkl seemed like it might be better configured to excel on groomers, especially in icy conditions, it has very good edge hold and is very stable at speed. The Rictor seemed a bit more versatile, in that it seemed more responsive in softer snow and it also seemed to be faster turning with a tighter radius (I don't know what the actual radius comparison is between the two, just my impression). 

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Rictor every day of the week.

I hated the Volkl RTM series - the lack of camber underfoot makes for a damp but uninvolved ride. They have great edgehold but simply no dynamics moving from one turn to the next.

I also agree with the above post about the Aftershock - I loved that ski, it was a real surprise.
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Not sure WHY CM would hate a ski especially the RTM. However, I just demoed the Rictor and RTM 84 today in very cold/hard Midwest conditions today. Both were nice but truly I enjoyed the RTM 84 much more than the Rictor which is know for quickness & rebound.........funny thing is, I found the RTM better and the harder I pushed it the better it was. Definitely better edge hold on the hard stuff.


As with all of the other posters here: you have to ski longer ones....I was on 171 & 167 respectively and I am 5'8" 170lbs. Ski the both then make your choice!

Good luck!

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Sure wish I would have proofread this before I posted. So much for my checking it......grammer!

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hi! I'm not in the same category as you fellas as a 5'8" 143# female skier but, I recently demo'd both the Rictor & the RTM 80 at Park City & the Canyons. Some back story:  I'm in the market for new skis too, been on 1st gen shaped skis [Dynastar ATL 180s] for ~14 yr [yeah, I'm overdo for new skis ;)]. I'd say I'm an intermediate skier, mostly front side groomers, athletic but not very aggressive, mostly skiing in the Northeast. I took a day in Jan after a snowfall & demo'd 5 ladies skis:

K2 superific 160: easy to turn but chattery at higher speeds/piled up snow

Nordica Belle 2 Belle 162: great but a little too much ski for me

Volkl viola 155: great ski, my favorite of the day

Head Mya 8 156: fast, held an edge on hard pack, a little floaty, didn't feel as connected to slope, heavy

Atomic Eleysian 159: also fast, held edge, lighter but wide & a little 'planky'


So, skip back to this past week, I also demo'd 5 skis at Park City & Canyons:

Volkl Kenja 163 great ski but I felt I had to work a little too hard to turn

K2 Superglide 160 easier to turn but not stiff enough

K2 Superstitious 160 nice but I felt I wasn't aggressive enough, didn't turn easily enough for me

K2 Rictor 160 & Volkl RTM 80 really liked both of these [leaning toward the RTM], my 2 favorites of the 5 I tried, both turned well, solid at speed & going through snow piles, both great on groomers & on several inches of freshies.


The best advice I can give is DEMO!!!! I was amazed how different skis can be & you can't always go by what other people suggest or like. For example, my husband 5'9" 162# & an adv'd skier didn't like the rictors but he loved the RTM 84 [he tried both 166 & 171].

Good luck & happy trails :)

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