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I have been skiing on Salomon Equipe GC Race skis 178cm with Z14 bindings and Course 95 boots from 2007/08. They have been nice, but I would like to get into a ski that carves even sharper (SL style), while inspiring confidence for high speed long radius turns (GS style). I am 5'11'', 205 lbs (7% fat), and I live for the g-forces of high speed carving. I prefer groomers and am not at all into backcountry riding.


Some of the features I like about the GC Race skis:

-They seem light and exciting (something that I think the pure race atomic skis do not deliver although they are great in the ice)

-It is very easy to pop out of turns and literally jump into the next turn

-The length (178) feels great for my size and style (I would like even longer, but this is in conflict with a tighter turning radius that is even more important to me)


What I would like more of:

-Primarily, I want more bite in icy conditions

-I also want a tighter turning radius for intense carving and beer league racing (This is my preferred style, but I ski with friends that don't carve and I'd have to not be able to crush them down a short MN hill in a bombing race even with a 15 second heard start)

-Essentially, I want the same or better stability to beat my friends in a drag race, and more bite in the ice with a tighter turning radius (12-14m) to beat my beer league competition (I don't care about FIS rules because I don't have to, but I do want the best on edge grip and am looking at them just as much as the cheaters)


Some skis that I think I would like:

-Salomon I SL Lab m 165 (2011/12 or current model) *This is my top pic so far

-Salomon 3V Race 165 or 170 *the 170 is another top choice for me

-Salomon I GS Lab JR Powerline X 171 and 176 (I don't know if it is a bad Idea to ski JR skis as an adult, but they seem to have the performance I want)

-Salomon 2V Race Powerline 164,171, or 178


I am happy to ski other brands, but from what I have experienced, Salomon is the most fun and exciting. It also seems like it would be difficult for me to get these skis in the USA, but I will do what it takes to get what I want (ideas on how to get Salomon's race skis in the US would be appreciated). If you know better (and you probably do), suggest something else... Thanks for your time.