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Heavy rider skis

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Hey all,


I am looking into buying new skis. I am 6'4'' and approximately 300#. I consider myself to have intermediate skill level. I went to a couple of shops and I keep getting advised on buying GS/advanced skis because of my size and the stiffness it requires to properly handle. I am wondering if I should follow the advice and get more advanced gear even though my skill level is not there yet.


Some of the models I have been showed are the Atomic Redster Edge GS and the Elan Waveflex 78TI. I digged some info about both and it seems that the Elan might be more forgiving and easy to handle making it my choice for now.


Can anybody who have been through the same process give me some advice? Thanks

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Just a few questions.

What kind of terrain do you like to ski on?

How aggressively do you like to ski?

What kind of goals do you wish these ski to help you achieve?

You don't necessarily need a race style ski. There are plenty of non race style skis that should work for you.

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Thanks for the reply Denny.


I ski 95% of the time on hard based groomed snow.


I am not an aggressive rider for now because of the lack of confidence in my current skis (Salomon X-Wing Blast 2007). I always feel like they are slipping under me when I try to push them a bit harder. I want the next pair to be easy enough to handle so that I can make mistakes and keep on improving without breaking my neck but still be able to use them when I get to the next level. I really feel right now that I am holding myself back and I want something I can trust to have peace of mind when trying new challenges on the mountain.

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I'm 260 and I just demo'd the Blizzard magnum 8.0 ti and I love these skis. Now I'm from WI so like you I do groomed snow and my skill level is much like you. These skis worked fabulously. The only problem is if the runs are icy. Not sure if it is the ski or the fact the skis needed to be edged, but whenever I hit icy spots on the runs, the ski wouldn't bite and just skidded across them. I did like the 80mm waist which, to me, felt like a more stable ski.

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Here are a few skis that some big guys who I know really liked for the frontside biased category.

Salomon XT850 185
Atomic Nomad Crimson Ti 185
Volkl Kendo 184

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There was a special event to demo skis at a local station this weekend so I headed there and was able to try out the following:


Nordica Fire Arrow

Atomic Nomad Blackeye

K2 Charger

Volkl RTM 84

Blizzard 8.0

Rossignol Experience 83

Elan Waveflex 78TI (very short though, 168cm)


They didn't carry all the lengths so I had to test them out between 175 and 180cm. At the end of the day, it was almost a tie between the atomic and the rossignol. I ended up buying the Rossignol Experience 83 184cm long. I just felt like I had incredible control while carving and smooth transitions from side to side. I didn't feel I was fighting the transitions like the others. The atomic was a little more responding in the transitions (almost like bouncing me up at the end of a turn) which I really enjoyed but I felt like it was slipping a bit when I was pushing it as hard as the rossignol.


Thanks all for the replies

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