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New Skis Question?

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     This will be my second year of skiing and for Christmas my girlfriend bought me some Rossignol Bandit B83's. At the ski resort i go to in kansas i cant use their boots with my skiis, so what im wandering is, what boots should i get to go with these skis (size 14/ 32 mondo i think) and do i need to get new bindings to fit my big ass feet :P

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Welcome to EpicSki!  Is the issue that you can't rent just boots but have to pay for boots, skis, and poles?

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A lot of shops may refuse to rent "boots only" for liability reasons.



I would suggest to take your skis to a ski shop and ask these same questions to get your options.


My googling leads me to believe it has a system binding so should be compatible with any adult boot, although your large feet may make your selections limited.   Please read the articles on bootfitting.  One cannot recommend you boots, the right boot is what fits to your foot.  


If it turns out you cannot use the bindings, Please note that the skis themselves are 2008 skis, which in the terms of ski generations is old, and may not have much value.   As a system binding, you may not be able to remount different bindings. and even if you could, It maynot be monetarily worthwhile to do so.

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