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Need new shoes (Fischer Vacuum, Cochise 130 Pro or Rossi 110 Sensors)?

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I am finally realizing that I may need to change out my 2005 Rossi Elite Pro 2's for something a bit more "modern".  I am a expert skier but 95% of my skiing these days is with my boys rather than attacking a double black or 1st tracks outback powder.  The Rossi's are a 90 flex with an active sole so I can ski them pretty much all day but my feet are getting a bit bigger (I now wear a wide shoe) and the Rossi's were based off a (fairly narrow) race boot so I could use a bit more space in the footbed now that I have crossed over the 1/2 century mark.



Over the past few years I have tried a number of different boots but most of them are WAY too soft for me to enjoy them.  I do enjoy using the front shins for starting a carved turn rather than the laxy (my opinion) act of simply laying a ski on it's side.  I bought my 13 year old son (@ the time) a pair of  Head 10.5 Edge Superheat 3's back in 2009 and it just-so-happens that our feet have been the same size (up to now).  They are quiet warm and very comfy but they almost feel like marsh-mellows (flex 70).  They do work VERY well for him (170lbs) with his 165 Solomon X-Wing Fury's but @ 210lbs, I am going to need something more performance-oriented so I am looking for some advice from you all based on some additional information about me and what I am looking for.


I've reduced the choices to 3 that a majority believe are excellent boots for the 2012/2013 season.  I also know that I can buy some of these at good prices as well so I am restricting my choices to one of these three options. Considering that I am coming from the Rossi's & my one main issue is footbed size, it appears that thje Sensor 3's may be a good option.  However, I am currently skiing a Fischer SL Pro Race Ski and it appears that the Vacuum process that Fischer is now using may be THE most comfortable boot out on the market today so that may actually be my preference and I'd be willing to fork over an extra hundred or so to get into them...IF they are worth it.  Unfortunately, it seems that almost ALL the reviews (including the one on this site) on these are written by people who are PAID to make a product look good rather than actual owners.  I'm in marketing myself so I understand the process but before I plunk down a chunk of change, I'd like to see some REAL input on these.  Lastly, I have included an Alpine-touring boot as that may be the next evolution in boots and I can see a great benefit to a pair of super-lightweight boots that would allow my feet to be quicker.


My max price point is around $400 and I have found all of these available under that target price point on the web (some used).  I don't HAVE to have anything right away so I could actually wait until the end of the season to buy a pair of new/old stock if I needed in order to keep the price where I would be comfortable so let's not quibble on price but rather, let me hear your opinions on which boots would be the best ones for my objectives.


PS - My foot is normal, normal, normal, normal and almost EVERY boot feels fine on my foot.  After 5 years, the EP2's did have an issue at my ankle but even that was easily addressable as the padding had moved around a bit over the years.  The only trouble I have run into the past are that I have HUGE calves so I often can't even buckle the top buckles on some boots & I do use only the final/last link on the Rossi's I currently wear.

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A decision has been made.  I have a (new, old stock) pair of 100mm '11 Fischer Progressor 130's on the way.  The price was really just too good and I am a sucker for a deal.  I LOVE "new, old stock" opportunities!!!  I will attempt to change this thread into a boot review once I get them.  If I can't convert it easily, I will start a new thread for my review.  In the meantime, here is ski net's link to see what they look like.



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