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Why is lodging so cheap in S. Lake Tahoe?

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It seems odd that lodging appears quite cheap at the motels down there (Super 8, quality Inn, Vagabond, Americas best value.  Like $50-60 US per night.  What's the catch?  Is this party central?  Or tons of ski bums cramming into a room?  Or run down sleazy accommodations?   ??


There is a leap in price to get to Holiday Inn Express, and of course, it goes up from there.


I do not need/want much but I do want a good night's rest in a clean bed/room.  No need to drop big change on some place I'm just going to crash in.  eat-ski-sleep



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SLT has a ton of dumps that drag down the rates. Worst place I ever stayed was the Driftwood inn.

Just make sure you don't to home any critters.
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I always stay in SLT and never had any bad experience with accommodation. Casino hotels are generally OK if one does not mind smoke, booze and gambling trashy environment on the way out to the parking lot. Inspect your room, and if not satisfied request new one, as simple as that. Casino hotels can cost you as low as $70 nightly, or $120 for a nicer Harrah's room. If you like to gamble I would suggest somewhere else, like Utah, it might turn out to be much cheaper. I also stayed in cheaper motels on CA side and it was a little bit run down but clean and safe place for around $50. Also stayed by Ridge area and had 1 bedroom condo for $600 weekly. OK place, clean, with parking and close to North Bowl lift. It is not Deer Valley. SLT is very good for a "ski, eat and sleep" type of traveler on a budget.

Casinos attract a lot of people for a lot of different reasons - skiing, gambling, working, etc.

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There are indeed a lot of old low end motels. If you only want a warm place to sleep, they work. If you want any comforts, the prices jump but not anywhere close to most ski areas. Many of these low end hotels are just a short shuttle to Heavenly Valley ski resort or the Casino's. If I wanted a cheap place to crash a night, these could work. If I was taking my wife on vacation, and wanted to stay married, I'd kick down the extra cash for a casino room. Casino's are still great bargains.
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It seems like SLT is more geared to the summer vacationer, no?


Here's my criteria.  what would you recommend or avoid in SLT
In this priority order: cheap, quiet, nonsmoking/or nearby, clean, safe.

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968 Park and the Stardust are pretty good, but not in the bargain class.  HoJo is cheap and won't kill you, plus there is a free continental breakfast and Heidi's next door if you want something more substantial.  Some of the other cheap hotels are what you expect.  They were probably built in the '1970's, need updating, give you a bar of soap good for one shower, have maybe one outlet for your electronics, paper thin walls, etc.


The casinos vary in price based upon demand.  $65 one night and $150 for another is not uncommon if it is busy.  Casinos also have deals that include lift tickets.  Casinos also have a slightly better concept of how to serve a guest than some of the cheaper motels.  SLT is certainly no Aspen, Vail or Park City.


There are some good buffets in the casinos, but I'd avoid the one at the Horizon. That dump should be on Restaurant Makeover.   The Red Hut (both locations) offers decent food for breakfast or dinner.  The burgers are huge.  Blue Dog pizza is OK, too.  Everything in Heavenly Village (by the gondola or in the Marriotts) is OK to eat, but a bit pricey.  Gourmet food is not one of Lake Tahoe's selling points, so download those Chevy's coupons before you go.

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