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Utah bound

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We are heading to Park city at the early Feb for a guys ski trip. We will be skiing for three days. Our abilities range from intermediate to advanced. Most of us are from the east and have little or no experience skiing powder.We are all in our 40's and staying in Park City. Can I get some ideas where the best skiing should be the first weekend in february would be?  I would also love some input as to where the best nightlife is Park city.



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Accept that your chances of powder are only about 1 in 4.  You only ski powder if it has skied the past 2 days or so.  (unless you know the nooks and crannies of a mtn).  Some like skiing the same mtn every day, personally I like skiing a different mtn each day in most circumstances.  Each of the three resorts at PC are big and will keep you busy for a day during your 3 day stay.  One option is to drive an hour and ski either Alta or Snowbird, but with a trip like yours, the logistics might be difficult in getting it all together, best to save that for another trip.  The skiing in the Little Cottonwood Canyon at those resorts is almost always better, the scenery is nicer too, but you will be in PC at prime time, and the conditions should be great at that time and likely not worth the trouble on such a short trip.  Also, if it snows, there will be plenty of powder at the PC resorts, but usually less.  There is plenty of advanced skiing at all 3 PC resorts. 


I'm heading to SLC Friday!  No powder, but the snow should be good, like it almost always is.

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Hey there Judo Skier.  I can't attest to how the conditions will compare at the mountains out there, as I'm from the east coast as well, however I have some experience in the Park City area and am also heading there in March for a 4 days trip.  Given that you only have three days to ski, you might want to consider doing 2 days local--1 at Deer Valley and 1 at the Canyons, and then heading to Snowbird or Alta for 1 day (if I had to choose 1, I'd pick Snowbird).  If you had more time, I would strongly suggest skiing Brighton, as it's an extremely underrated mountain with a ton of really interesting trails.  It's almost like an east coast mountain but much larger and with the snow of the west.  It also has a super cool bar inside of a log house ride smack in the middle of the mountain....just a cool spot.  As far as nightlife in Pic City...just walk around, you'll find everything you want. 

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Thanx for the ideas. We are going to do Deer valley, Alta and Canyons this weekend. Can anyone tell me how the conditions are?    Thanx

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Be sure to check out the lift ticket deals on Liftopia before you go. You should average around 30 percent + off at Canyons and PCMR with lesser discounts at Deer Valley.
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This year we have a much bigger group and heading to the cottonwoods for 4 days of skiing.Is brighton as bad as I hear for inexperienced snowboarders? She we skip it and head up to Snowbasin for the day?We are doing Alta, Snowbird, and solitude.Also if we are lucky enough to get a powder day should we stay up at Solitude or risk the crowds at Alta or snowbird?

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I don't understand what you mean by Brighton being bad for boarders??  I don't board, but Brighton is known for boarders, and they have lots of varied terrain.   I wouldn't worry about the LCC crowds, but if its' dumping, it's might be better to do Soli rather than wait in traffic for a late morning start, but that is not to likely.  But if you are staying at Solitude and its' snowing good, i would just stay there (as in relax/no traffic) and enjoy it!  If you are staying up at Solitude, Snowbasin is probably close to a 2 hr drive.  Save if for when you stay down in the valley.  Solitude is a nice place to ski, but it doesn't have the bowls or much of the long steep lines that Bird and to a lesser extent Alta has.

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Sorry typo. I have been told that there are too many inexperienced boarders that can be dangerous or obnoxious. Thank you for your suggestion

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The inexperienced boarders at Brighton are not skiing in the trees or on the harder terrain.  So depends on whether your group will be on blue groomers or elsewhere.  If you do go to Brighton, the free Mountain Host tour can be worth taking the time to do even though it's on groomers.  Can be the quickest way to learn where the harder fun stuff is to be found.


Note that if you are skiing mid-week, the locals are at work or school.  Since Brighton is open for night skiing, the teens show up on the ski bus after school.

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Hola!  If you haven't been to Sbasin, it's a MUST!!!!

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For a first time to Snowbasin, only worth the drive if there is going to be good visibility.  It's a great place to explore when you can see.  If not, stay in LCC/BCC.


My first time at Snowbasin, a couple ski buddies and I were dealing with spring conditions in Jan.  Meaning it was much more fun after the sun softened things up by about 10:30 or so.  Even so, we had a very good time exploring all over the mountain.  Had lunch at the John Paul Lodge with a great view.  Headed up on the tram for a run down the top of the Men's Downhill.

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Brighton is the Salt Lake ski area with the highest base elevation, so it generally gets an earlier opening than the other resorts. When they open, it is usually just a few runs. THAT'S when the issue of inexperienced snowboarders, or anybody for that matter, comes up. Slope overcrowding, early season conditions, and a bit of overenthusiasm is a potent mix.

Once Brighton is 100% open, no problems, mate. The people get more spread out, and it is a great hill.
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There's always visibility at Snowbasin. It's just a matter of staying away from the areas that cloud over (strawberry).
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 Headed up on the tram for a run down the top of the Men's Downhill.


And me Women's......  Love this mountain, best in UT.

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I've posted on here before that I've seen more retirees at Brighton than I have punk snowboarders.  Stay away from the park and you won't know it from any other mountain... except it has really, really good intermediate/advanced tree skiing where the snow stays good a really long time.

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Park City Local here.  Where are you guys staying in town? You interested in just the nightlife or some of the good eats around the area?


If you have only 3 days of skiing, you'll probably find enough to occupy yourselves in the immediate area. While all the suggestions to go to Brighton, Snowbasin, Snowbird, etc. are well intended, I would save those mountains for when you have A) more time and B) more powder experience. Deer Valley, PCMR, and The Canyons will offer plenty of skiing (and hopefully powder) for your time here, and nobody wants to spend precious ski/party time on the road.


However if you get a taste of the sweet, sweet Utah powder on your first day and can't resist the urge to chase a storm, I would aim yourselves towards the mountain that appears to be positioned to receive the most snow. Usually these guys - Powderchasers - make a strong effort to forecast storms. They're aren't always perfect, but you'll get an idea. If you don't already have a car, we (Park City Four Wheel Drive Rental) offer super convenient daily vehicle rentals delivered to your hotel in the morning and retrieved in the evening. But like I said, with only three days I would maximize my slope/apres time in Park City. With very few exceptions the local bus system is all you'll need in town.

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We rented a house in Big cottonwood.Last season we went to Deer valley, canyons and Alta. Even though we didnt get a powder day they were all great. We will be skiing 4 days. I believe we are planning on, Alta,Snowbird and Solitude. The fourth day might be Brighton or we make the treck to Snowbasin or Park city.The weather and road conditions might dictate where we go.  Thank you for all the recommendations

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