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I am looking to pick up a new pair of skis this year and I was looking at a couple different options. I ski about 20 days on the east coast with a few days out west each year, I am 5'9, 170lbs, and i ski everything from bumps, trees, groomers, and dabble a little in the park (Not too much here).  I am looking for a good all mountain ski and i was looking at the Kastle MX88, Rossignol Experience 88, and the Volkl Bridge.  I was looking at lengths around 170.  I demo'd the Volkl's at Stowe and really enjoyed them last year. 


I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the Kastle's and Rossignol's for the bumps, and any general feedback would be appreciated.


Also if anyone is looking to sell a used set of either let me know.


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Mr. Willski4food,


You have reccomended this website several times now over the last couple of days.  Are you affiliated with this site?  If so, perhaps you should become a Supporter or Vendor here or at least state your connection.


But the site is cool.  I tried it for a ski to take out west just to see what it would reccomend.  1st choice was the Rossi E98 which just happens to be the ski I bought last year to take out west.  So I guess it kind of works, though 3 out of the 4 suggestions were Rossi's with two of them being the E88, one with the integrated binding the other flat.  Kind of redundant as their is no sigificant difference on how the two perform.


Ayway, like I said, it is a cool tool but not the definitive advice that a person might need to choose the best ski for their condition.


To the OP, I do like the E88 for what you are asking for but their are other fine choices out there.


Good luck,


Rick G

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Your spammy friend has been nuked.


Thanks for helping out the new member. icon14.gif

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Thanks for the feedback.  Seems there are a lot of options for the mid-fat ski.

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