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Axis X: my 2 cents

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The axis X is the next generation Mod X, differences being the removal of the pizeo light, and a change in the top sheet graphics(for the better) over all the ski handles like the mod X but it almost felt like it hooked up a little better in the carves. This might be due to differing surface conditions.
Over all skied like the mod X's definitly a ski to buy, also probbably see them all over the friggin mtn...

skied 1 day so far, on hardpack and bulletproof ice.
lenght 181
level 9
age 20<FONT size="1">

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Spyder what do the new Axis X look like, what colour?, do you know where there is a picture online of them just kinda curious as i have Mod X. I like the yellow Mod X colour sceme.

5'8" 150 lbs
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they look like hotdogs literally...
yellow towards the edges like the buns, red in the center like the sausage

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The cool deal with the Axis skis is that the top sheet and sidewalls are transparent. SO on the Axis X, you can see the wood core from the top and the side. On the Axis X Pro on the top you see the titnal sheet and from the side you see the wood core. The major part of the graphics are not transperent. But the color top sheet that the graphics are printed on is the transperent portion.
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Can't see the wood, pretty much a red tapered tip and tail, accents the 16mm sidecut, kinda greenish on the sides, with USA on the sidewalls under the bindings. I'll post a digital pic next time I bring them off the mtn.
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Spyder, take a closer look. The yellow section of the graphic should be transperent. That is the way they (K2) showed it to us.

Now of course they could have different production runs with different treatments.

But you have them in front of you so i don't want to argue.
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You are right, it is kinda translucent. didn't catch that when I looked at them before. Kinda the color of dried epoxy. thought it was just part of the graphics.

Ever see the white Mod X's?
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I have not seen the white ones.
I got to try the Axis Pro in a 188, mine are 195's. We where on smooth groomed with a couple inches of fresh and in those conditions the shorter ski's are really fun.
They are fantastic skis!!!!

Enjoying this dump we are getting. Hope this is the one. Hope you get to ski Friday cause I'm sloggin it to work.....<FONT size="1">

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6'3", 195 lbs, expert

Skied the Axis X at Deer Valley, The Canyons and Park City 2 weeks ago for 4 days. Great ski. Very versatile. Despite what many say in this forum, the regular Axis X is more than enough ski for most sane people. Most (not all) skiing the Pro are on that ski because of ego, not because of limitations in performance with the regular Axis X. Either way, the new K2's are awesome.

Unfortunately, took a major header and fractured my tibia at the right knee. Out 3-4 months. Just got 6+ feet of fresh snow here in Cali and I'm hobbling around on crutches. Yeah, I'm real f*****g happy!
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To Skimeister,

Sorry about the fracture. I just took advantage of the 6' of SoCal snow. It was nice.

To counter your statement regarding us Mod X Pro users, I agree, to some extent. If I mainly skied in places where the snow is always soft like UT, I would be more than satisfied with the Mod X. Heck, I probably would have kept my Bandit XX's. Anyhow, I ski in Mammoth, Tahoe and the crappy stuff that we usually get here in LA. I just didn't get the hard snow or crud busting performance in the Mod X that the Pro offers.
I have a question for you. Have you tried the Pro? I have found that most who think that the Mod X is the ultimate, do so because the Pro was not available to demo.
I think that K2 did a huge disservice to the consumer by saying that the Pro is too much for most people, and mainly marketing the Mod X. I bought into this until I skied the Pro and was amazed at the ease of use as well as the associated versatility.
I do agree that the Mod X is better for non-aggressive types, though. For the more casual skier, not looking to mach through the crud, it's the X, not the Pro. Anyhow, I really enjoy my 188 Pro's. Try to catch me on my Pro's and maybe you might change your mind about which is the better ski. Oh, wait...that must have been my EGO talking.
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That's why I said "most(not all)" on my earlier post. There are many like you who need the Pro, but most ski it because of ego. I did ski the Pro and liked it alot, but chose the regular Axis because it just felt better. Like I said, either way you can't go wrong! They are both awesome rides.

I am in LA and ski the same places you do. Right now we have more snow than any other place in the nation. Enjoy it. I wish I could!
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I have a pair of Mod X's and don't see any piezo light on it. Am I missing something here??
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K2 made production runs of piezo-less mods. Its not broken. Just think you already have next years' skis.
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do they say AXIS and then mod x in a small white band?
if so you have the Axis X
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why are they nixing the piezo?
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I asked a guy at K2 about the piezo, and he said that it didn't add anything to the Mod technology. My K2 Mod 7/9 has no piezo, and to tell you the truth, I can't imagine it doing anything more than is being done. The skis are easy turning, lively, and yet as damp as I want at any speed. In ripply terrain or chopped crud, they are smooth and quiet. So I think K2 is right - why put more stuff in when it doesn't matter anymore? I understand that none of the new Axis models have any piezo for those reasons. However, I also believe that the piezo technology is not just a marketing gimmick - it really does work. I would expect that K2 will continue to use it in some models, just not in models with the Mod dual core technology.
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No, I have the ModX. Yellow and all.

I guess I have this year's model, one of the later production runs without the piezo light.

All I know is this ski rips. Damn, I really want to ski another weekend before the season ends. Tough being a skier in Texas!
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I skied all three Axis models a bit back. I own the Pro's in a 195cm (only the pro will come in 195 next year, X and Axis 188 longest). I have to say I love my Pro's but I was most impressed with the Standard entry level Axis. It replaces the 7/8, and I can only say that it was the smoothest and easist of the bunch. Now I would not trade them for my Pro's, cause in conditions it was a little weak for me personally, but I would definatly advise people to take a second look at that ski. Just because it is the entry level Axis does not mean it doesn't rip.
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Hey Guys,

Just got back from the first Gathering of the Bears at Tahoe where I skied my Axis X's about 50% of the time. Everyday but Monday was a powder day and I was either on Head Monster Cross(this ski is an entire story unto itself) or Bandit XXX's for the powder. I love the Bandits and may even buy a pair.

Anyway, the Axis X 181 performed great. I mostly skied them when everything got chopped up and bumped up but I did get a chance now and then to find some uncut snow and take them for a float.

They were stable in the Sierra cut-up powder and decent float in the deep stuff.
On Friday after I burnt out my legs on the Monster Cross's I switched to the Axis X and skied Granite Chief with the big Bears. It was pretty chopped up and cruddy and most of the mountain on that side was powder bumps. The Axis X in 181 was perfect in the bumps when my technique was not. They were responsive and forgiving, and thank god, because I was tired and fighting out of the back seat. On the last run down the damn things got me out of tough situation following Pierre eh through the trees and rock gardens. I was beat and the K-2's didn't spank me for, well, forget poor technique try no technique.

On Sunday, after the POWDER (Haaaa yes more powder) was skied out the surface became hard packed because . . . Oh did forget I mention that it was a Sunny day with Cobalt Blue Skies. ( sorry I never get to rub it in allow me this one indulgence) Anyway, the surface was hard packed powder and moisture ladened crud. The K2's ripped and loved to get over and hold an arc and blast through the crud.

On Monday at Alpine Meadows it was groomer city and a little icey just what I am used to. The upper mountain was closed due to high winds and we skied mostly over at the Lakeview lift to avoid the wind. Hey Mr. # Key Alpine is a nice mountain and some of those blues over there are pretty steep and would be blacks at other places. I was working on short turns down the fall-line and X's responded well and had a good rebound. I think Axis X is slightly stiffer than last years Mod X.

Well that's about it.


Ed<FONT size="1">

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My bad. 200lbs. and 5'8". Sorry about that. The ski really did well out west, which was the primary reason that I bought it. I really do think that it the Axis X is stiffer than last years Mod X. I did have the 188 but over time I found the turn radius of the 188 to be a bit to long for me and after going to the 181 I have not noticed any loss in stability or speed.

I also think that the notion about having to go up to the Axis X Pro because I am over 185lbs. is bunk. I was charging down Squaw, Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl with these and they never punked out on me.

I am anxious to read your thoughts.



ps. The Head Monster Cross is a monster.<FONT size="1">

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Gonz and Fast [my brothers], you know that the Mod 7/8 or this new model year's Axis is what I'm on. I am the confessed prince of mediocrity and 150 pounds, but I am amazed at how many of the truly hotshot skiers also love the Mod 7/8 [Axis].
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Gonz, I gotta be honest with ya. When the going gets hardpacked, oboe gets the T-Powers. The K2 7/8 is a really great ski, and the ONE area in which it could be better [not that it can't do the trick] is on the hard hard hard pack. I just want to be be candid and not over-hype a really great all around ski.
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I find that the Axis X is very competent on hard pack. I was on them today on midwest ice and hard pack skiing slow short radius turns behind my kid. It was his birthday and all we want for his birthday was to go skiing. What a kid.

Anyway, I have almost completely shelved the 9.20's except for the most of all hard pack days.

I wanted to mention that I use the Salomon 912ti w/power axe. Some of the rebound that I have in my skis may be a result of my binding setup.


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Hey Fast1EV, I meant what Gonzo said: On packed snow, the Mod 7/8 is great, but it is on genuine eastern ice where it is - well, ok, but not at its best. On the ice, a narrower, somewhat stiffer ski works better. I know the difference, because the first time we skied in the west - at Alta - they apologized for the "ice", and we didn't know what the hell they were talking about, because all we could find was great packed snow!
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I agree there when it is boilerplate, bullet proof and that eastern glacial form of ice nothing but my Atomic Beta Race 9.20's with a 1 and 3 degree tune will do!


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. . . and today, though not boilerplate, was a very "firm snow" day at Jay Peak. After two runs, off came the K2's, on went the Rossi T-Powers. Frankly, after the great start this year, I've come to feel rather obsessive about the kind of snow on which the K2 Mod 7/8 is the better ski.
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